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Love at first sight turning into feelings of blah

Nov 7, 2008

    1. Pardon if there is a thread like this, feel free to delete.

      I'm just curious if anybody else has had this situation. You see a new doll that you fall in love with at first sight, you just become so very enamored you know you have to have it and you start saving.

      However, after awhile, the more you look at the pictures, you start to think that maybe it's not so perfect after all. You become disenchanted and start to get frustrated with yourself because you just can't find that perfect doll anymore.

      I'm hoping it's not just me. x-x I'm getting to a serious ARGH point.
    2. I had that happen with a doll I saw here in the marketplace. She's a Limwa for you I think? Her first pictures I fell in LOVE with her...looked at pictures of her on the site and things, and just adored her. But the more I looked at her, at pictures of her...*shrugs* the more I realized that I just don't like her as much as I thought I did. Don't get me wrong, she's still a cute girl...but now I just feel that she's not for me. She doesn't fit any of my OCs that I'm making doll forms of the way I at first thought she did. I still like seeing pictures of the doll herself, but now I'm fairly certain that I just don't want one for myself.
    3. It happens all the time with me because I'm a sucker for a pretty face. I usually try to avoid buying until I can see owner photos. If I still love them after seeing owner photos and figuring out if they fit in with my crew, I might put them on the wishlist. It's even better if I can see them in person.
    4. Sucker for a cute face is exactly my problem. :laughs: So many dolls "OMG I love it!" and then in time it just..dies. x-x It's very annoying, I try to tell myself to behave, but the want for another doll just makes every doll I see that I like become a short lived obsession and then I'm left feeling that bitter taste in my mouth. Bleck.
    5. I really don't want to seem rude but DIM Flowne did it for me when I saw the company photos I was awstruck she was the most beautiful little fairy I'd ever seen then I saw owner pictures and was kinda like...well...bleh. I'm very glad that I held off on getting her or I might have been deeply disapointed.
    6. Don't worry, I've totally had this happen to me. I think it's a good thing though, cause better it happens while your saving/thinking about it so that you don't get the poor doll and then not have the little spark of love with it.
    7. I fell completely in love with IpleHouse Tatiana when they first came out. I decided I wanted her but I wanted the basic version because the LE had a lot of stuff that I really didn't want that much and didn't want to pay that much for.

      After looking at her again and again even though I think she looks almost more beautiful in the basic version I have taken her off my to buy list. (She was actually number two on it for a while.)

      The reason I don't really want her any more is that while she is beautiful she just doesn't speak to me - like I can't see any personallety in her. Besides I'm a bit worried about getting a doll that has a body that's totally different from my other MSDs - one that it would be really hard to buy anything for or even pattens that would fit.

      I think this just shows that you should never order a doll right after you see her and fall in love with her. On the other hand I did that with my CH Ange Ai Uri and I love her to bits so I don't know. :?

    8. If you're just saving up I don't think it's a cause for despair. When you aren't committed to a doll it's a great opportunity to get some dough together so that when you *do* see the doll for you, you can buy them outright. I think it's more sad when a person has $700 tied up in a doll and over the long wait has realised they don't actually like them all that much!

      There's no sense in getting frustrated, you never know what's around the corner, you don't know which companies are going to release something new and exciting. I was totally blindsided by IH Akando and I'm excited for everyone who managed to get him (will be keeping my eyes out for those arrival threads!), chances are, some of the people who could afford Akando had been saving for another doll they weren't so sure about anyway. There's a chance, also, that some of the people who bought him will be disenchanted with him when he arrives since it's likely to be a long wait.

      You're not alone, but saving up is always a good thing. You will always need money and if you never see another doll you love, you can always spoil the doll you have using the money :)
    9. Story of my bleeding life!
    10. I felt the same towards Sha of DoT, DoD... Not that I dislike him, but it's not the same thing anymore.
    11. I feel the same way about more than one doll that way. But the one that sticks out the most is the Limited Latidoll Adel. I even bought a Aida just for a shot at him. Now that he's in the marketplace....I can't even tell why I liked him in the first place :sweat
    12. YES. Actually going through this with one of my planned dolls right now. Every time I think I have a mold that has that 'young but mature' charm I find that it's just not right for some reason or another. :? Drives me crazy.
    13. I had that happen once, with a Volks Irvin of all things. The images of him on the internet make me say 'like, want, must have!'. I saw one physically at a doll meet, looked him over and stuff. Thought after that 'well, he's nice, but looks really bland and boring'. I still think he looks gorgeous on the internet pictures though, I'm starting to think that maybe I just adore his default clothes instead...
      Quite a common thing though
    14. I think what you're going through now is better than feeling buyer's remorse. Our tastes can change and evolve, and that's not a bad thing. All kinds of things can affect our moods and alter our desires. I wouldn't worry about having the "blahs", you'll find the doll of your dreams when you least expect it! :)

      Juli DC :)
    15. I bought the head before I realised.... I am still giving the guy time in case I change my mind.

      MD Ryu.... the first BJD I ever saw, the one that drew me into the hobby, and the one I spent HOURS looking at in owner pics. Migi did the latest sale, and I jumped at the chance, heart pounding and all. ^_^

      He arrived this week, and seeing him in the flesh (or resin :lol:).... I am very "meh" with him. I am waiting a while to see if I change my mind, but I don't know that it will.

      I *still* love browsing the gallery for Ryus, but owning one.... I don't think its for me :(
    16. i have had this happen a few times actually =[ luckily i have not bought a doll yet but when i first saw doll-zones hong i felt i HAD to have him but over time i have seen a few owner pics that make him seem alien like. i have seen a hanful of owner pictures that make me want him again but i cant get over the thought of "what if he does look alien like in person" i still plan to buy him someday. i can always sell him if i dont like him. but he is no longer the doll i must have

      the only doll i have felt strongly for ever since the beguining is a cyber bohemian showoo. but they no longer sell him =[ (but someday ill be happy with a showoo =] )
    17. Yes, I am indeed thankful that I don't have buyers remorse. x-x Token my DZ Hong was a love that came to me gradually. He was going to be any number of other dolls before finally he was what he is and I love him without reserve.

      Finding "the right doll" for my next doll however.. -_- It's just nice to know I'm not the only one who feels like this and sharing in everyone's experiences really helps me to feel like less of a loser. :laughs: Though I'm sorry that it happens so often.

      I think the really tricky thing is LE's, you see them, want them and then either buy them and hate them or don't buy them and see owners pictures and fall in love again and curse yourself forever for not getting one when you had the chance. What do you do? Such a gamble.
    18. I was like that with DOD Duncan I thought he was great and pretty but the more I looked around with the different faceups I was like 'ehhh his mouth looks funny' =/
    19. I felt this way while awaiting the arrival of my DZ Fei- i'd ordered him & been so excited i kept looking for more pics of him...but the more owner pics i saw i actually got a bit worried that i had made the wrong choice and was going to feel nothing but disappointment when my wait was finally over! Maybe it was just the wigs on the Fei's i managed to find, because i was wrong and adore my lil guy- & it just keeps getting stronger (he's been very clingy lately ^^ *prolly coz ive been drooling over my upcoming Lu-Wen so much*)

      I've found a few dolls i was really taken by at first but on further inspection decided weren't right for me, but it's always nice to see other peoples dollies even if they aren't who i would bring home :)
    20. I've changed my mind about dolls before. I'll see one that I think looks great for a character, but the longer I look at it, it will seem not quite right after all--the expression won't be versatile enough, or the body type won't be quite right, or it just won't click anymore. That's when it's time to start looking at different sculpts.