Love at first sight?

Jun 13, 2014

    1. Have you ever saw a doll and knew they were the one or did you patter patter around a little before deciding?

      PLEASE AND THANK YOU!:aheartbea:aheartbea:aheartbea
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    2. Definitely! I've seen a lot of dolls that I liked, that I would love to own, but while browsing Alice's Collections I found Dikadoll Yolanda Elf. I loved her right away, her half-closed eyes, pointed ears, facial features, AND she's affordable for my budget. She's the next doll I'm going to get!
    3. the first doll i really fell in love with was DOD Shall. Was at the beginning of beeing in the hobby but now I don't want to have her anymore cause I prefer mor real human looking dolls
    4. I only had the 'love at first sight' 2 times so far.
      The first time it was really like: I saw the doll and bam! ...I fell in love with her.
      She still is my one and only real grail, even though I wont have any plans in my stories so far for her.
      (Somehow I still hope to get her one day anyway ^^)
      The other time I found the one sculpt for my main character.
      But I couldnt decide if I should buy it or not...and then thought 'maybe not'...'maybe yes' and cycled around it for quite some time now.
      And now I really regret it and thought it was love at first sight and how I could be so stupid to not 'follow the call', so to say. ;)

      Brought my second big love home and couldn't be happier. :D
      Those dolls, you fall for instantly, are really something special. ^^
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    5. Volks Kurumi head. As soon as I saw her I was in love and still am. She will be mine soon :dance
    6. Once... It was Doll Chateau's Mona. She seemed like such a work of art, and it propelled me to buy my first doll (Dollmore suntan Paran), but I never thought I could own her. But then they decided to discontinue her in May, so my fiance is buying her for me for Xmas/Birthday (and maybe a little anniversary too, lol)! Not sure if I'll even do anything but stare starry-eyed at her, but soooo excited/fortunate to be able to bring her home!
    7. Twice. The first time was with the doll that's on the way - Magic Time's Rachel. The second time - yesterday, in fact, was with Switch's Ajeong. My heart skipped a beat when I saw him. It seems my love tilts towards sculpts that I can't get my hands on easily since both dolls are limited editions. :(
    8. Twice so far. One was D.I.M. Honey Alana. I immediately knew I wanted her. When the company discontinued the line, I pounced. I adore her body and her face and am so glad I got to bring her home. The second was one of Fairyland's newest limiteds. I paid for one the day after he was available for sale. I also want most of Lume Doll's 1/6 dolls as they are amazing. Haven't bought one yet, but that should change soon!
    9. my Luts Mia was a definite must have, i still think she's the best
    10. I've started my doll collection not so long ago (last year), but my love at first time (FIRST time) was Volks' Okita Souji. It might be because I was a big fan of Shinsengumi and Japanese history. Anyway, I didn't manage to get him because he was limited and sold out many years already. :( The second time was IOS Lacrimosa. He looked so gorgeous in their official photos but...same as Souji-kun...He was sold out long long ago... (My heart was broken again...) And the third time, last month, I found my another love at first sight during reading some threads on BJD board and found...Luts SSDF Avalanche Romance ver. (*o*)... He was so handsome and totally my type. The best thing was, he was a regular doll and still sold by Luts. So I ordered him without hesitating and now...waiting for him to arrive. Finally my ideal doll's dream comes true! And I don't think that I will collect more dolls because my expected number of them is almost full.
    11. For me, it was volks kujo. Before I picked him out, I looked at every other doll I could find online, but I always had an image of kujo at the back of my mind telling me that he was the one. Luckily, there was one for sale at the time :D
    12. For the most part I have to think about the dolls and sculpts I bring home, but I have a handful that were love at first sight:

      Dollmore Kara Klum - the only reason I'm in the hobby. I still think he's the most beautiful doll out there, which is why I just keep getting more >.<.
      B&G Sapphira - The first doll that made me break my "characters only" rule. I just had to have him
      Migidoll Miho - I think I'll always love this mold
      Peakswoods Goldie (and the wakeup version) - one of my first dream dolls. I knew eventually I'd have to cave and get one, but it took a couple of years.
      Volks Michele - the only doll I could consider my "grail" doll because I didn't think I would ever get him

      There are other dolls that I've seen and thought they were so cute and I had to have them, but these guys stood the test of time for me, I wanted them all since the first year I was in the hobby and I still feel the same way about them.
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    13. Yes. My Bobobie March and Iplehouse Benny were love at first sight. They're my two favorite girls. Josslyn (March) is my first doll. I knew she was it when I saw her tucked away in the vendor's shelf. Adia (Benny) is the first one I ordered. She's from the first release. I loved her expression and light in her promo pictures and she was just perfect. She's doubly special to me because she is a gift. I could sell all the dolls I have but these two girls are pure love.

      Adia and Josslyn by silverholly83, on Flickr
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    14. I was about to say, "ALL my dolls were love at first sight", but in fact that wouldn't be true. Some were love at second sight, there is one I bought despite not liking the sales pictures, and there is one I bought after letting no less than two sales periods pass :p. My memories just tend to get a bit distorted by the fact that I love all of them...

      So, real love at first sight:

      Dollzone Scarecrow Hal - this was my first doll, whom I bought within five days of discovering the term "bjd". I set eyes on him and I just Had To Have Him. I still love him to bits, and I don't think there is a single MSD face that I love as much as his. I got him a spare head that I had face-upped by an artist, because though it isn't that great, I can't bear to wipe his company face-up - it is how he first came to me and therefore it's special.

      Dollzone Aurora - I was not as completely smitten with her as with Scarecrow Hal, simply because she didn't look *perfectly* like the character I turned her into (Hal did). But I was so obsessed with Aurora that I got her anyway. She is too tall and too stern to be the perfect Morgana, but I loved her as soon as I saw her and still don't regret buying her. Twice. Oh and when it was announced that she was going to be discontinued, I bought a third Aurora head, just in case anything ever happens with the other two :p.

      La Légende de Temps Roderich - I bought my first Roderich off the MP. I didn't know anything about him or the company - no resin match, no nothing. I just knew I wanted that head for my Gawain. Now I have three Roderich heads :p.

      Dollzone Pepper - I'd told my self "no more 16 cm dolls, they are too small!", but then I saw Pepper and couldn't resist. So he came to join the family.

      The strangest thing for me is, um, love at second sight. I don't understand how that works. There are two dolls (Granado Sidonia and Dollzone Yogr) at which I didn't look twice when they were released. They didn't appeal to me at all. (Yogr, I thought, was quite hideous.) Then one day, bam! - all of a sudden I really wanted to bring them home. And I'm very glad that I did! They aren't as traditionally "pretty" as many other dolls, but that is what I like about them.
    15. Yes! Soom's Amber and Iplehouse's Tedros Chimera. One look and I was doomed. :chocoheart
    16. Ringdoll Jack. With the complete fullset of course. I'm always a sucker for steampunk and all my dolls are on the creepier side. Luckily I found enough money to start a layaway while he was still in stock. He's home now. It makes me very happy.
    17. Yes! My first doll. I had discovered BJDs at an anime con and really liked Dollfie Dreams. While I was saving for the 04 head, one of my favorite artists decided to get a Luts KDF someone or other. I started looking into the company, and as soon as I laid eyes on KDF Ani, I knew I had to have her. Now I do and I love her to bits. It amazed me how quickly I threw my ambitions to get a DD out the window though, even though I ended up getting one later on, haha.
    18. Strangely I had the same experience with dollzone Yogr as Sigune did! I am not really a collector of YOSD size dolls, but my Yogr is one of the 2 'keepers forever' I have :aheartbea In fact a few of my total favourites were dolls I didn't really like that much and was thinking of selling - boxed up etc. Then out of curiosity I swapped eyes and wigs on them (a good selection of each is essential) and BAM!!! Love at 2nd sight! I almost love these dolls more for surprising me!

      Love at first sight happened with my impldoll Marcus - I ordered him next day in a fever of desperation. Strangely after having him home for a few months, I started to feel cold towards him, and eventually just wanted him GONE - so I sold his head and bought a Tony head instead - a sculpt I hadn't really liked at all till I saw some owner pics. I totally love him, and this time it's forever :aheartbea

      equally I've had love at first sight go totally RIGHT - my luts yul satyress being THE ONE. I've never really liked anthros much, don't collect midis, and always found luts a bit too pretty (I'm same with fairyland dolls - too pretty for me) but I love my yul 'deertaur' sooooo much *happy sigh*

      there really doesn't seem to be any logic to love - I guess that's what it's all about! :XD:
    19. I never felt that sort of attraction before with other dolls but the last one I bought was an instant decision for me... of course Ihad to wait for months and saved, but from the moment I saw her, her company photos were my phone and laptop's wallpaper pictures. So yes : love at first sight !
    20. Several times. Usually I can tell whether a doll will work or not for me when I see it. I've only had one doll (want) that really grew on me, and that was the Island Doll Vivien who I want for my Dr. Who character. I really dismissed her at first and then I kept coming back. There's this great quote Amy gives about Rory, that he becomes "his face" and it's talking about inner beauty. I had that kind of moment with that doll.