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Love the company but not the molds?

Aug 5, 2007

    1. I don't know if anyone has ever had this particular issue, so I thought I'd put it out there.

      Occasionally, I find myself looking at a company's dolls and thinking "Wow, I should totally get one of these lovelies!" However, when I actually look for a mold I like, nothing seems *quite* perfect enough. Like, the lips are perfect, but I don't like the shape of the head, something like that.

      But yeah, I was curious to know whom of you have had the same feeling, with which companies, and maybe even why you don't like them?
    2. I have been very impressed by DIM customer service, or at least what I have heard lately. But, their resin quality just is not good enough for me.
    3. What about loving the company.. but not the clothes xD? I like volks molds a lot, and I loooove the clothing design, but often I'm not impressed enough with the quality of the clothing to feel like the cash I forked over was justified... one of the last things I ordered had stray thread just fringing out EVERYWHERE, and the zipper was so sticky I nearly ruined the dress trying to close it, plus the fabric felt like this cheap stuff I bought at walmart for 1.50 a yard >_>... the other outfit I ordered though was pretty nice, maybe it's just hit and miss :) I still do it though... go figure x3...

      As for loving the company but not molds, I like dollmore a lot... but I'm not really attracted to their SD sized and larger dolls, I like looking at them but couldn't own one... ^^;... I really do love their minis though x3... especially Momo and Torrie
    4. Soom! I just like the way they roll. They got their shit together :lol: I like the way they sell their dolls(in themed sets with the clothes and wigs and eyes). And I like the original looking sculpts, especially Asil, Sosle, and the new teeny gem's faces. But I just can't seem to scrape together enough money to buy one. Something always gets in the way, or when I do have the money, I forget about Soom and impulse buy something stupid instead. D'oh! :doh

      At least there is an extremely lovely tanned Godo that lives nearby. I can adore him at meets :love
    5. I always love Dream of Doll's shop photos of their molds..But in person/in owner photos I hate them. I always wonder to myself if someday I should get one just to see if i could make it look as good as it does on the site.
    6. I completely and totally agree. DOD dolls look completely different in owner pictures than on the site. I was obsessed with Homme Ducan for a long time but after owner pictures came out, I didn't want him as much anymore, he just didn't look the same. I think DOD plays around with Photoshop a little too much.
    7. Well I just got my Bee-A and she's absolutely wonderful :). She's exactly what I wanted (after of course, ordering new eyes and eyelashes). I do kind of know what you mean though...

      Anyway, to answer my own question... way too many companies to count! Angelregion, Bluefairy, you name it.
    8. i've never really had this problem actually! i tend to fall in love with a company for their molds first and then for their service ^^; i love DoD and it was tender e-an that made me love em lol. though, my first doll won't be from them. >.>
    9. Well, to clarify--

      you may love a mold, but it's *just* a little bit off? For instance, I like the Angelregion Dana girl, but I don't like how she's not smiling!
    10. The only company I've had to deal with is volks. I like them fairly, their dolls and all.

      Their limited clothing they release from time to time always dissapoints me though. It's usually just... Ugly and boring. Like one set out of 10 looks ok but then it's usually MSD size and I don't own one, haha.

      Also, the way their service has been lately. How they can't be consistant in their events, like AE and sales.
      The last sale was dealt with in such a horrible way that people who had been there since 4 in the morning just left.
      They asked people who had lined up to stay back and totally dissorted the line, but we stayed together as a group. Then from the total opposite direction a guy calls and ask them to form a line over there, so, we're last in line basically.
      We just thought we had learnt our lesson after coming just 2 hours before another sale and wow was there people in front of us.

      Also the late AE at Akiba re-opening. Alot of people came and I understand that it would take time for everyone to take their own random number from a box. But instead of volks just handing out the number by random they hand them out in order, and then choose a random number from which the line will start.

      Sent them an e-mail about it a few weeks ago but no reply, heh.
    11. With me it´s more like I like various companies, but not necesarily each and every single doll they ever released.
    12. I had the reverse. I bought my Wi off the site photos, and in real life, I find he looks exactly how he does on the site. But OTHER photos always make him look completely different and I don't like him.

      Personally, I have the problem with tinies as a whole. I love their size and their bodies and they're so adorable but I am yet to find one with cheeks I can stand to pay for.
    13. Oh gosh... CP do that to me. I love their dolls but when I was hellbent on getting a Harang I looked at the nose on some user pics, and I just didnt like it! ><
    14. I love Volks as a company - ordered vinyl from them ages ago, but when I started collecting resin dolls, never seemed to find the right face or the doll I wanted (Kun) always seemed to be out of stock and then I decided I didn't really want her after all. I've been waiting to get the right sculpt and I think I've finally found one I want to get - Elena. I was quite tempted by Emma, but something always held me back, now I realise she just wasn't the doll for me. Now I'm just wondering if another doll will get in the way again. Sigh. So many dolls, so little dollars.
    15. I also think Volks is an amazing company. Their quality and service are amazing. I do have some Volks dolls, but I have to say that I most often like sculpts from other companies--mostly CP... and others.
    16. I love how AngelRegion will sell you a full MSD set for only $364 (including shipping), but the more I look at the dolls the more I wonder if I could actually be happy with owning one.

      I have a slight problem with Volks on how they like using the same head mold for both a male and female doll or having two "different" girls but it's the same darn head mold (this is mostly with the MSDs that I have this problem). I love the clothes they have, but I look at the prices and that makes me steer clear of the Volks website. I really don't want to fork over that amount of money for just one outfit (has anyone looked at the recent YoSD outfits that makes me sick).
    17. I dont like DOD's photo of Too on their website, but i love the mold in person. There's alot of companies like that, which is why i'm worrying myself over Bory cause i know he wont look like the photos on the site D:

      I like Luts, i like their clothes and their shoes and the wigs. But... i really dont like many of the molds. Maybe 2/3 at most i DO like. I feel sort of bad D:
    18. I haven't really had any issues. It is true that company pics and owner pics can look very different, but I tend to prefer owner pics.
    19. I second this, i have exactly the same feeling as you since i used to like elf ducan too.

      I love Volks customer service but not really their sculpt (only like their yo-sds and 1 or 2 of their sd13 sculpt like sch A and lucas). And i love Luts Cp sculpt though their customer service not be be as perfect.
      Previously when i order a jacket set through my friend frm Volks, they sent the wrong one but after that, they refunded the shipping and sent the correct one with a letter of apology. I thought that was really sweet and thoughtful of them to do so.
    20. Sounds alot like how I feel about Volks- I would love a doll from them, but there isn't one I really love.....it's a shame... :( I do like some of the school heads, but thats about as close as it gets to me wanting a Dolfie....