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Love the head, don't like the body - bad resin match, or new mold?

Apr 20, 2008

    1. Hey all,

      I'd love to hear some opinions about this! :)

      I have an old type DoC T.Too, whom I love dearly (as a character, and his face is adorable) - but I dislike his body, it keeps bugging me more and more how immature it is, it's not very poseable, and the hands are odd and stiff (but irreplacable because DoD has changed their resin color).

      Now, I love the new MNF body - but the resin match is horrible, and I don't think I could blush the body to match the head, since the body is darker.

      There is a MNF boy I like... but, could I live with replacing my boy's mold because I hate his body??

      This is hypothetical... I don't think I could really part with my Too anytime soon. But still, what would you do? Has this ever happened to you? :)
    2. Yeah, it's happened to me.

      I have a character who's supposed to be about 5 feet tall. He's SD-sized, and since all my bigger boys are Delfs, exactly the same size as the others. Drives me nuts, but he's also ridiculously pink, so nothing shorter is going to match him unless I do a girl-to-boy mod on a CP girl body (and get a really pink one, which is a gamble). I'm not sure I could do that, so at one point I started contemplating other moulds for him.

      I'm not sure I could actually sell him, but it really is driving me nuts. ;o;
    3. *Hee* I had exactly this problem. With a DZ Shuang head on an old DoC body. I hear you on the posing, but I was amazed at how well he could stand! I love the Shuang head, but he won't come close to matching the new DZ NS skin so...

      So, I'm going with a MNF. :sweat
    4. Personally I can't deal with hybrids unless it's a 100% perfect color and resin type match. To me a badly-matched hybrid is just a pile of doll parts, not a gestalt entity.

      This isn't a problem for everyone, though, it's something you'll just have to find out for yourself!

      Good luck!
    5. I have an old, old DiM Persia that I love to death, not only because he's my first doll, but because I love the mold and I actually like the lanky style of his body. However, it doesn't pose too well and I'd love to have more mobility in his wrists, but I don't know if I could ever find a resin match, nor would I want to lose the general look of his body.

      So he's become my guinea pig of sorts in terms of sueding and wiring and everything else I can do for him. I may even eventually figure out a way to help his wrists as well. And no, I could never part with him.
    6. Resin match takes a back seat to sculpt for me. I have one doll who needed a smaller SD sized boy body--there aren't a whole lot of choices there, so I went with the sculpt that worked best even though the head is darker and more pink than the body. I'm much happier with the body being correct than I would have been if I had just stuck with what matched color wise. I have another one whose head is lighter than the body, and for him, when I go to redo his faceup (which needs to be done anyway), I'll go ahead and blush it for a better match but I'm still overall pleased with the body.

      For some reason it bothers me more when the head is a lot lighter than the other way around. But maybe that isn't such a bad thing, since a lighter head will be easier to blush.
    7. YES. I'm really, really obsessed with the lack of poseability of bluefairy dolls... I have much less poseable dolls (vinyl... fashion dolls) whom I love nonetheless, but when I see the poseability of some other bjds I kind of get hit with this predicament. Love the head mold, would like a better body TT__TT
    8. I can live with a resin match being a wee bit off. I've had complete dolls which I've given face-ups (like my Custom House Cyn) and now their head is a shade lighter than their body because of the Mr. Superclear coating.

      When looking for a more muscular body for my Williams head, I remembered that the Kid Delf Cherry boy I'd had was a pretty close match to Volks normal, so I picked up a Senior Delf to make a hybrid. The Senior Delf that arrived was a totally different color than the Cherry boy. The first problem is that the character isn't the type to be bundled up all the time, so there was no covering the mismatch. Then I saw that the resin difference was 100X worse in photos and it was all over. I need my dolls to model for our jewelry shop after all.

      So, I ended up selling the Senior body. I really, really like the Senior Delf body and if I ever see a Senior that suits a character, I'll grab it up. Just didn't work for the hybrid. The Williams head now has an SD17 body.
    9. I agree with this. Most of my dolls are hybrids for one reason or another. I've lucked out and they are all very close resin matches (pretty much perfect on some)... and I've been MUCH happier. Blushing and faceups can easily make a difference in the resin match.

      I had a DIM girl head on an old CH body that just wasn't very pose-able, so I swapped it for an Fdoll body, and I plan on saving for a Thaasa II body soon because the FDoll body is a bit too big/tall. To me, changing her body hasn't really changed "who she is"... it's actually getting closer to what I want for her. I like that I can give my dolls the body type I want for each. The diversity is great, and more important to me than an exact resin match.

      I think you should swap the body if you're not happy with it, but DoD resin can be a pain to match. :doh It can be done though. If you like the MNFs, I'd say add a MNF to your collection, but unless you really dislike the Too boy's head-sculpt I'd try a different body on him first.
    11. Elfdoll. I'm not really big on their heads and bosy. It just doesn't seem right.
    12. I run into the same problem with both my DOC boys. Not only was I frustrated in the first place because they had the same body, but yes, the posing was a huge sadness factor as well. Unfortunately, since I'm kind of a goob I'm stuck in the mindset of not wanting to part with any part of them even just to replace it with something else, so their bodies are staying put ( except Nazomi's getting a slight tummy make-over x3 ). I know I could never in a million years part with their head sculpts though, so pretty much even if another mini came out with a perfectly beautiful body and a similar head sculpt, it's pretty much a no for me. The originals stay and learn to love them for their faults since they've already accepted mine. <3
    13. Well if i really really need this doll ill deal with the body ^usually the dolls i like have awesome bodies anyways. but in the past dolls i was pondering over i decided not to get the doll cause the body was horrid to me.
    14. I run into the same problem.
      My Jun came with a SD Boy body, but it's a short and boyish body.
      I prepared a 13SD boy body for him, but he looks a bit too strange with that muscular body.
      Now he got third body, a CP delf Boy body. The skin colors not really match, and I don't like the resin.
      To have a Boy Jun brings a lot of difficulties, But I won't change him into a girl since he came as a boy.
    15. Im headed into this problem with my Miho head coming this May. I REALLY want a souldoll body for him, its the only body I really adore, of course its pretty obvious that they aren't going to match. I've gone over and over other bodies and I just know I wont be happy with them. Instead I'm getting the souldoll body and blushing them to death to get them as close as possible. It wont be perfect but I wont grimace every time I see his body.
    16. I've got my Paris back on his old style Souldoll body and its buggin me. The old Souldoll body poses like Gort and is too bulky for him, but I'm far too lazy to do the sell/swap. Funny, I really liked the body when I had my Namu head on it.
    17. Plenty of times xwx;;;

      I have an Azure (getting his face done right now) and his body seems awefully bulky in comparison to his sweet little head.

      I had the same problem with my Tender Too and Bee-A pair with their silly-looking bulky bodies and mature heads >.<;;; Made me get out of MSDs even...

      Very muscular bodies or very bulky bodies can be a turn off for more femenine sculpts, certainly u.u;;
    18. He's not a hybrid as such, but I've got a Minimee head on the DiM body, and while the colour match is near perfect, the body has an overly arched back which is driving me mad!. The character is meant to be quite shy and nervy, but he just looks snobby and stuck up with his nose in the air. But other than that I love the body and I dont want to swap it, I'll just have to get some medical tape and try out the RiverKelpie idea of fixing the problem.
    19. This is exactly what happened to my Bluefairy May. I don't want to go through so much stuff JUST to get her to pose.. it's really annoying and impractical. :S Somehow, anything that's "related" to that type body design.. I'm already having 2nd thoughts to purchasing. I guess I should really make a mental note on all dolls that don't pose well.

      It sucks out all the fun for me posing them when it would take literally half an hour to get them to pose the way i want them to.. I guess I realize now this is also partly why I'm stuck with MSDs & Tinies.. I think they pose the best imo.. less "weight" to balance.

      Anyway, I sold her. Even though she's an MSD.. if she can't pose well then I can't use her for anything at all.. :( sadly.

      There goes my dreams of ever owning SDs.... it would just bother me to no end.
    20. Sometimes getting a new mold makes you fall in love with the character more. I know that a bad body could ruin a doll for me, so maybe getting a whole new doll for the character wouldn't be a bad thing?