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Lovelydoll Shoes and Clothes Reference GUIDE

Jul 27, 2009

    1. I noticed these threads starting to pop out among several other doll brands, and I also made one for minisups. As we discussed in the discussion thread, we could probably use one as well :)

      I figure the less chat, the easier this thread will be to navigate, so please refrain from chatting about the dolls in this thread. We already have a great chatting place in the discussion thread here : http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=189771
      Of course all talk about clothes and shoes are more than welcome, and feel free to post pictures!

      Please include the following information:

      Brand / seller
      Item (description or link)
      Useful information (How did it fit/look, difficult getting on and off, just anything you can think of that may be useful to others)

      Anything more I should include or any ideas to how we can make this thread better/more useful. Please post about it :)
    2. List of Clothes
      Clothes that fits very good / good:

      - Socks, stockings and leggings fit. Stockings and leggings can be a bit big around the butt.

      - Tshirt fits, but is baggy.

      Ellowyne Wilde:
      - separates that are loose or stretchy fit fairly well. If the sleeves are tight you have to take off her hands or switch to the fists.

      eightl0ngmonths (etsy):
      - tops, hoodies, sweathers fit.
      - leggings, stretchy pants and tights fit.
      - Unconfirmed if the skinny pants fit.

      sugardollshop (etsy):
      - stockings fit.

      The Happiest Princess (etsy)
      - sweathers/tops fit.

      Clothes that doesn't fit / doesn't fit very well:

      For more detailed comments, please refer to the thread itself.
    3. List of Shoes
      Shoes that fits very good / good:

      Dale Rae:
      - Basic flats fits with thin stockings or without.

      Shoes that doesn't fit / doesn't fit very well:

      For more detailed comments, please refer to the thread itself.
    4. In my experience clothes from the following sellers fit Lovelydoll:

      Seller: eightl0ngmonths (Etsy)
      Item: Sweathers, pants, tights, socks
      Useful information: She makes clothes from jersey fabrics for slim MSDs. Everything have bought fits my Yumi perfectly.

      Seller: Sugardollshop (Etsy)
      Item: stockings.
      Useful information: She has net stockings and thicker stockings, all fit perfectly.

      Brand: Dollmore
      Item: Overknee stockings, like these : http://www.dollmore.net/shop/step1.php?number=4876
      Useful information: Fits very good, a bit loose but since they are stretchy it doesn't matter.

      Brand: Dollmore
      Item: Roll Up leggings like these: http://www.dollmore.net/shop/step1.php?number=5582
      Useful information: Fits good. Is a bit big, but it doesn't show since it is stretchy.


      Seller: Dale Rae (www.dalerae.com)
      Item: Basic flats for slim MSD (http://dalerae.com/BJDMSDDaleRaeshoes.htm)
      Useful information: Fits. I have used them barefoot and with netstockings.

      That's it for now ;)
    5. I've purchased some of the separates (listed on their website under accessories, I think) for Ellowyne and they fit fairly well. Lovelydolls are a bit thicker through the torso, so the looser or stretchy outfits are needed. If the sleeves are tight, I either had to take off her hands or switch to the fists.
      Here are some pics:


    6. Ms. Cholong has always sold Dollheart clothing along side the Elfdolls, so I wonder, do Dollheart clothing and shoes fit well? I would have thought so??
    7. sfbeck: thanks for adding your experiences! You don't happen to have a link as well?

      Ingiebee: Good question, hmm.... Maybe someone has already tried? I'm going to update this thread with more Dollmore stuff later :dance
    8. Here is the link to the Ellowyne individual pieces. I also added photos of my doll in the clothes three posts above.

    9. Sfbeck: that is great! Lots of super nice clothes in that place :) And your girl looks adorable!
    10. sfbeck where are the brown shoes from?
    11. I purchased them on eBay from Debs Adorables, which has items for bjds and regular dolls. I actually bought them for a smaller doll so Twiggy's toes are pushing hard against them. The shoes were made for the Hopscotch Hill dolls. She does have them in larger sizes, though. Here's a link to the eBay store.

    12. Just came across this thread and thought it might be worth bumping up as it's not had any fresh recommendations since 2009.