LovelyHouse dolls - any info?

Sep 16, 2004

    1. ...does anyone have one? I didn't know this maker existed until I saw it mentioned in passing on these forums. I'm in love with one of their dolls now, though, and am wondering if anyone can attest to their quality. They seem "cheap" compared to other dollfie-type dolls. I also ran the page through babelfish, and the translation is even worse than Japanese to English. All I can gather is that he doesn't come with a wig but does come with eyes. Can anyone give me any additional info on what these dolls come with (and their size)? Info on faceups, skin tone, ordering, etc? And a good Korean dep. service, while I'm at it? ^^; (I'm guessing they don't ship overseas.)
    2. They ship overseas, they take Paypal. You can email them and order directly. It may take a while for a response, but they will respond.

      They are excellent quality. I have a Shin B head from them. You can order heads separately or on bodies. Also, they have white or regular skin tones. Here's direct info from Mink:

      Head is 150$ (with makeup 180$)
      Body is 380$
      head+body is 500$
      whole set is 550$ (includes makeup)
      LovelyHouse Senior dolls are about 58cm tall.
      Almost same as Volks SD. So you can buy SD size wigs,eyes and dresses~
      And also can fit Volks body and Luts body~

      Hope that helps.

    3. I have Shincho and I absolutly adore him. Their legs might be longer than a normal SDs.. I'm not sure since I don't have one to compare him to..
      I got the $550 one and he came with random eyes, white fur wig, make-up, bag with cushions, head, boy body.. plus interchangable elf and human ears.. I ttoally love him except he wasn't strung very tight.. But I fixed him and he's fine now. I really recommend Lovely House! :D Oh.. but e-mailing might be a problem.. so go to the english page and drop a message on the board there.. sometimes it takes a very long time before mink reads it tho. you have to be very patient :oops:
    4. You don't email to order, it does take longer. Join and leave a post on Mink's message board, on what you want to order and your email address and some one will get back to you. I believe she still has an English or Foreigner board.

      I do have a photo comparision of Shin Ma naked with LH body and several "floating" heads, ShinRoo ShinRooB and ShinCho. Love em!
    5. Has anyone got a link to the foreigner board? All I can seem to find is pages in Korean...

      - Therese
    6. Thanks EbinCan3an!!

      - Therese
    7. I think the quality rocks. Very nice. I have a RooA head and my sister has the doll in it's entiredy. The posibility is just great. No problems here.
    8. If anyone wants one of their sexy boy bodies, I'm looking to buy a Shin Cho head.... ^^
    9. I am planning on buying a RooA body and a ShinCho head, and you can buy the head separately for $150, which includes two sets of ears.

      - Therese
    10. That's not too bad. ^^ Just a little cheaper to get the doll together if both parties are interested. I guess I'm spoilt by the Luts head.

      (But ahhh, ShinCho is so pretty that it's worth it..... )
    11. And then I got asked to input a residence registration number to join the order board..... :crushed

      Anybody know how I can circumvent this? I noticed some DOA members have already posted there, how did you work it out? I contacted the lovelhouse website and asked also.

      Edit: I figured it out: Once the BBS window opens just click write and put in a name and passwords and message, and it will be entered on the order BBS.

      - Therese
    12. Hi!
      ShinCho was my first Dollfie type! I chose him because he had those interchangeable ears (I bought a Sharmin for the same reason... I love Elves!).
      He came in a carrying case, with random black eyes and a pale blonde "boa" wig. He also had black applied lashes.
      His face up is nothing short of stunning, and he is wicked cool looking with those pointed ears and long eyes. His hands can be posed as if he is drawing a sword.
      I currently have him wearing Volks metalic grey-green eyes, which have a formidable gleam to them.
      My only complaint is that his boy body doesn't have the most important boy part!! :(
      He also doesn't stand alone reliably. I should take the time to fix this, but haven't yet.
      As for clothing, He's naked as I haven't found or made him the right kind of ELlf outfit yet (Sharmin's naked too... hard to dress elves!).
      The resin on the LH dolls is translucent pale ivory... gorgeous!
      So if you want a recommendation, kiwiflowers!!
      Go For it!! :chibi
      Oh! link to my ShinCho below!
    13. Wow thank you all for the great informations!! I love a lot elven ( my website is called "the eleven elves"!!)And wow raven your boy is to die for!!! I am going to order his head instead of a beauty white Shiwoo if I didn't find any f29 boy volks head in white for the volks body I have...

      OOOOOOOO Another question: does the neck size would fit on SD 13 boy body neck??? (I hope I hope I hope!!)

    14. Hi Julie!
      I love your Nursiya girl! I hope to find one when the next FCS MSDs become available. I would get the little "piggy" ears for her, and make her look like Kira the Gelfling in the movie "The Dark Crystal"!
      As for your question... I don't know if the LH boy's head fits on any other boy body, because I don't have any other boys! I'm still new at this bjd thing! :oops:
      Good luck!
    15. While we're on the subject of LovelyHouse: does anyone have any info on the Jr. doll? (I know, I know, this is the 60cm board, but I asked in the mini and didn't get much info.) Is he limited? (Is it even a he?) Does he come with those super-cute Elf ear things?
      (I ask because the Jr. isn't listed on the English site.)
    16. I think the answers to these questions are no, no, and no. I have only seen girl ones on the cyworld board for Juniors, so I am guessing she is a girl. I don't get the impression she is limited. I don't think anyone on DOA who actually posts has her either, sorry.