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[LovelyHouse] Dollti "Ahz" 58cm girl on Ebay!

Jan 6, 2006

    1. I haven't received mine yet from the previous auction, but Dollti has been very nice in responding to my emails. :) She should be shipping this week! I also spoke to the person who bought the first Ahz from them, and she verified that the doll was received and is excellent quality. I'll post pictures as soon as mine arrives!


      Only a 3 day auction, in case anyone's interested!
    2. That's a LH body. For anyone who is curious.
    3. From what I understand Mink designed the Dollti dolls, and is a good friend of the person who started the Dollti company. I don't know if she has given them permission to sell older LovelyHouse dolls though, this might be limited to new designs.
    4. I spoke with DollTi last month and she promised me that a redesigned ShinE will be available some time by March, so it does look promising for the others too. :)