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Loving them slowly..... or the opposite?

Nov 3, 2011

    1. Please feel free to delete it if it's duplicated :)

      With my twins' one year old birth coming up next month, I keep having my newbie memory coming back to me ;)

      My Souldoll twins Maillo, my first dolls, when I order them I honestly wasn't really in that much love. Actually I was just knocked over by the Xmas clothes and double head deals and, the mold looked alright to me. And I hardly had any idea about what bjd was back then.

      And then they came home, I opened the box and really, apart from the clothe, I wasn't that happy with them. And I soon found that they are extremely unpopular. But, the strange thing was, the more I looked at them the more I loved.those unusual parts of their faces. Then I started to have little stories about them, as well as new looks and new faceups. And now I'm just truly and completely in love with them. I bought and sold a few popular and unpopular molds, but I know I'll never want to sell my twins.

      So, having seen so many saying " I love 'em on the first sight but I just can't bond with 'em when they're home", I guess this is somewhat opposite. Do you have some kinda stories like that ? Let's share ;)
    2. when i first saw my doll in the store i loved her a lot but i hated her wig it was ugly, it was a love at first sight when i saw my doll, i paid deposit and took 6 months to pay as she cost $500 and i dont work so saving was hard and finally i paid full, brought her home and now our bond is stronger and now it still is and yes she has a new wig, she has 3 wigs
    3. I tend to fall in love at first sight. I've seen numerous sculpts online that I'm attached to and still am and plan to add them to my family, and I've also seen some of these dolls in person which makes me want them even more. I love my dolls very much and I'm happy to have them. I haven't had a problem bonding with them either. ;)
    4. It's different for me every time, sometimes it's love at first sight and it works out, sometimes it doesn't. Other times I've bought because of individual features or because they fit an idea but without the *wow* feeling and most of the time that had taken a bit more work to love them haha.

      Though by now I've only got two dolls so I guess it didn't really work out..
    5. It was love at first sight with Amir. I cried when I saw his pix and I cried even more when I held him for the first time. and now, years and dolls later, I STILL love him and Loki (my second) most.

      Most of mine, I just see the sculpt and know. but one has grown on me.

      Lucien, my BBB Nissa, is not a doll I would have ever wanted or bought for myself. He was a gift....and as much as I'd never liked tinies, the little guy grew on me. I've had him almost 2 years now and I have no plans to ever part with him.
    6. I bought my second BJD in an online store. I love her from the first time, as she was as beautiful as I saw in the pictures. There was just one problem: she arrived without wig and clothes. From that time, I started to make clothes for her and my other doll. And this is now the hobbie I spend more time on. :)
    7. I wasn't overly fond of Dollmore's Uri Rich when I bought him... I just want his body. I loved his slinky-hipped posing. His face didn't do much for me though.

      I ordered him blank, and the poor boy became my guinea pig for the next few weeks while I improved upon my face up skills ^^ Dollmore's baggy clothes didn't do his slender frame much justice, so I began a hunt for clothes that would. Then came finding the right wig for that pin-head of his.

      For a doll that I initially had no really feelings for, I found that I had a lot of fun searching for his 'exact' look. Since I had no real idea of how I wanted him to appear to begin with, the boy went through a number of different styles and changes until I hit upon the one that simply 'clicked'. And over the course of finding his perfect image, I came to love this boy quite dearly. He is now the undisputed favourite of all my boys!

      Definitely a case of love starting slowly, but really taking off in the end.
    8. Most of my dolls are bought because of "love at first sight". There have been a couple that I really liked when I bought them just not to the same degree as the others but they have grown on me.

      For example, I needed a wolfish boy for my demon and I liked Chrom for the right look but I wasn't head over heels. I have grown to like him more and more over the last year and now he needs to be in my crew, he belongs! It's nice when things work out whether it happens quickly or slowly. ^_____^
    9. Well the dolls that have stayed in my collection are the ones that I instantly loved (and even before they came home, I fell hard for the pictures and obsessed over them), with the exception of my Pippitan. When I saw a picture the first time I was like "what a dumb idea for a doll" but before I knew it, I was looking for more pictures, and then I bought one, and once I had her I knew I'd never sell her. So outside the initial shock of seeing such a quirk-ball, it has been love right from the start that has brought a doll home. No doll that I had to "grow to love" once they arrived has ever stayed.
    10. For most of my collection it was love at first sight. I can usually tell as soon as I take them out of the box if they are gonna stick around. Like when I bought my first Volks doll.

      I found her on Mandarake. She was cute and the price was right but I was kind of scared to buy her. I have some trouble bonding with female dolls but I took a chance and ordered her. One week later I had her in my arms and I knew that she wasn't going anywhere.

      A doll that I had to warm up to was my Notdoll Miriam. I bought her from a girl at a doll meet. She was really cute looking but once I had her home I wasn't sure what to do with her. It took some re-stringing and new wardrobe to get her to stay. If that didn't work I'd probably have sold her which is what happens when the make-over doesn't work.
    11. My first doll... When I first got him, it was as a gift from a friend of mine. When I tried to decide on which mold I wanted both of us were very clear on that he had to fit aesthetically with her first doll as we knew they were going to be a couple. My dream doll at that point didn't particularly fit the criteria, so we chose another mold from the same site that I really liked the clothing set he came with. I wasn't too fond of the doll when I looked at the pictures, but the clothing set was awesome and I thought "What the hell? I'm getting a BJD! :D No time to be picky and he does look good enough no matter what!"

      When I finally got him in my arms I had to admit he looked way more beautiful in real life then in the pictures. Even though his wig was all wonky... But over the months I've had him (I got him 26th of December last year) I've just fallen more and more in love with him. He got a new wig, new eyes, a whole new outfit and he looks like himself, feels like himself and he's, in my eyes, the most beautiful doll in the world! Sometimes I catch myself just staring at his face and admiring just how beautiful he really is. I do love my other dolls too, but I know he will always be special to me :)
    12. It was definitely love at first sight for me. I had been admiring people's abjd photos for several years on flickr before I decided to purchase one. When I finally decided that I really could afford one, I knew it was going to be a Littlefee, because I personally found that body and face mold the most appealing. Then it was just a question of which face mold to go with. I spend hours looking at Bisou, Ante, and Rachel face molds on flickr and kept coming back to Ante. So I knew which doll I wanted. When she arrived, she was everything I wanted her to be and more. I was totally blown away by the quality and workmanship of her body and face. I finally got over my fear of breaking her, and have been bonding with her quite a bit over the last month. In fact she's why I have another Littlefee on order.
    13. I've encountered both... Sometimes we warm up to each other immediately and there is no turning back; my EID Akando practically flung himself into my arms as soon as I had the box open. :chocoheart Other times, it takes us awhile to really jive together; my Tan Gentle Soo Ri got 1 immediate photoshow and then sat there for a month before I came back and started to seriously melt over him.

      A lot of it has to do with the circumstances in which I receive the doll-- if I'm really busy and have no free time for weeks, or if I've just received another doll recently and am feeling like the house is very full, then I have to wait till I've got the time & head-space to really properly look at the doll and see just who he is.

      Other times, it's just the way the doll is. Just as there are standoffish people, there are dolls who remain content to be admired from arm's length.
    14. It's always love at first site when I click the buy button.
      But then...things change when I opened some of them. It was love at first site for half of them...and it was 'hmmm...ummm wha?' for the other half. My first, a DoD Homme Ducan, I love to bits and still do and still just so scared to damage him as I did on the first day I touched him.
      My second, an Impldoll Fantasia, had the 'hmmm...' reaction. She came face up less and naked, not at all what I envisioned even though I knew she was coming blank. It took a lot of work to make her perfect, two face ups, three wigs, and a dress before she was perfect.
      My third doll, Crobidoll Caged Ara, was a bit weird. She was soooooo cute but...her head shape bothered me and I can't get over it. I tried styling the wig and giving her even cuter clothes...but it still bothers me *_* so she's waiting for a new home.
      And my latest, Soom Zinc, was absolute LOVE when I pulled him out of the pillow bald, naked, and missing half of his body. Now that he's come to life (fully blushed) I just can't get over how amazing he is and how difficult it would be to find another doll that would please me as much as he has.
    15. I have only gotten two dolls so far (the third just shipped), and both times were a little different. I bought my MSD on a whim, but I didn't really fall in love with him. It took years for me to finally bond with the little guy, and that only happened recently. I purchased him in 2007, I think? But now I love him to pieces and would hate to ever separate myself from him.

      But, when my SID came, I fell in love, and I fell hard. He was just so perfect, better than I could have imagined on the company's website. It was an instant love, and that was after being a little anxious after I ordered him.

      We'll see what happens when my Honey Delf comes in. I hope it is instant love, like it was when I saw the company photos on LUTS.
    16. When I first saw Dollzone Tan Cosmo on DDE's website I felt an immediate attraction. I wanted this guy! After debating about skin tone, I finally got one, then another, and another ... but I love these sexy resin men so much that when I am holding one and looking into his eyes as I talk to him or comb his hair, I get tears in my eyes. It is bizarre, since I am not a person who cries. Yet Matteus and Valentin' make me sooo emotional. Why? I don't understand, but am curious to see if my third and fourth Cosmos have the same effect. Maybe it is because I wish they were Human and know it will never happen. But what I do know is that my love for them grows more intense. I've had a lot of different dolls besides BJD but never ever has one affected me like these guys do.
    17. just in a sudden, i pay hugh attention to them then i have a crash just feel like i was so in love and obsessed with them.then later i start spend lots of time to get to know them more and more even i can not get one at that time, but i tried so hard to get them before i got my first one.
    18. I fell in love with my DZ Asura at first sight, but upon receiving him I found he had a much different look than what the pictures portrayed. At first I actually thought he was 'funky' looking in real life and it took a little while for me to fall back in love with him. Now, after having him for about 8 months, I have grown to love him completely and think he is beautiful once more.
    19. i'm usually patient with dolls and only buy them a year or two after i fall in love with them. this way i always "bond" with them, and never need to reshell or learn to love the doll, as by the time i buy them i'm absolutely sure they are what i'm looking for :)

      so recently i surprised myself by being properly hit by the "love at first sight" bug. i've been looking out for a male centaur bjd to fit a character of mine, and for a while i thought he might be souldolls' chiron but then soom released their centaurs... and i did love the horse parts but epidos was not quite right. then they released zinc... and i knew he was right and actually ordered him straight away xD i have bought soom md's in the past but always second hand, so this was a big gamble for me i think! but i am very excited for his arrival~ i think its a new kind of excitement for me for that reason (i guess mixed with apprehension??) :) before i have tended to just keep characters in my mind, but with this guy he even inspired me to draw (i expect because of the interesting colours i have planned for his horse body :3) so maybe being patient with dolls doesnt always mean the best kind of excitement for a new doll?
      sorry for the long rambling post! i think this is an interesting thread to read :) owners and their love for their dolls really does fascinate me.