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Luarwulf's feedback

Apr 29, 2010

    1. If you've had a transaction with me, feel free to post c:
    2. Luarwulf purchased a Demon Garden Alice head from me-recommended buyer! Fast pay, great communication. Thank you!
    3. I sold a body to Luarwulf. Communication was great, payment was quick, and all around it was a perfect transaction! :) Highly recommended; thanks again!
    4. Bought a Demon Garden Alice head from Luarwulf; was a great transaction, good communication, and very fast shipping! :)
    5. Luarwulf purchased a bbb erin from me, she was really sweet and wonderful to deal with. Great communication and prompt payment. I wouldnt hesitate to do business with her again as well as highly recommend her as a buyer!
    6. I have had a wonderful transaction with Luarwulf, Awesome communication,quick payee also.
      such a Delightful young lady to sell too.
      My High recommendations for Luarwulf!!!
      :daisy Thank you Lauren :daisy
    7. Luarwulf purchased some items from my clothing sales thread and it was a great transaction. Always prompt in communicating and paid quickly. I wouldn't hesitate to work with her again! Thank you!
    8. got a gungy outfit from luar, and its sooo cute! she shipped super fast, I would totally buy from her again!
    9. I did a partial trade with Luarwulf. I saw a skirt on her thread that had already been sold and asked if it was possible for her to make another. She was more then willing too ^.^ She was very sweet! Great communication and fast shipping. She also let me know when the item I traded her arrived! Would definitely to business with her again and recommend her!

      Thanks so much for the lovely skirt! ^.^
    10. Luarwulf bought wigs from my marketplace thread. Everything went smoothly and payment was received as promised. Thanks!
    11. I bought 2 Obitsu heads from Luarwolf, I received them promptly. She was really great to work with, and kind enough to hold the heads until I could pay. I would certainly buy from her again!
    12. Luarwolf purchased a Dollzone Kimi head from me, everything went smoothly and she was a pure delight to work with! Highly recommended by me! <3
    13. i had a wonderful transaction with Luarwulf
      A+ customer <3
    14. Luarwulf bought pieces of an outfit off of me and everything went perfectly! She paid immediately and was a great person to deal with! Thanks again! :)
    15. Luarwulf bought a wig from me. She had great communication and was a pleasure to deal with! Thanks!
    16. Luarwulf bought some things from me and was super nice to deal with - paid quickly and let me know the items arrived safely. I'd be happy to buy/sell with her again! Thanks! :>)
    17. Sold a pair of SD pants to Luarwulf. Perfect transaction <333 Couldnt have asked for a better buyer if I tried <3
    18. Luarwulf bought some clothing from me. Communication was friendly and payment was sent quickly. This was a perfect transaction and I would definitely work with her again. ^^ Thanks so much!
    19. sold a wig to Luarwulf ^ ^ Kept very good communication, and payed immediately~!! I've never had a smoother, and easier transaction XD ---She is a totally recommended buyer~~!
    20. Luarwulf bought a faux fur wig from me. Payment was immediate, communication was terrific - perfect example of the perfect transaction. ;) Thanks much! <3