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Lucy Clothing?

Aug 16, 2006

    1. Can anyone tell me if Tiny Betsy clothes would fit her? I saw a bunch at a local toystore and they are so cute. Thanks
    2. I don't know if she can wear Tiny Betsy. I do know that she can wear some of the Only Hearts Club outfits. The full length slacks are to long for her. She capris, skirts and tops fit her just fine. The plus is that the outfits are fairly inexpensive.
    3. Someone posted on a different thread somewhere that Notdoll Lucy can wear Tiny Betsy clothes and shoes. This is an 8-inch (20.5 cm) doll by Robert Tonner. I wonder if this also means she can wear the 8-inch Ann Estelle doll clothes? Hmmmm.. ...

      I just ordered a Strawberry Ukata Lucy, so I'm resurrecting this thread in the hope of getting some ideas for clothing. Here's a link: http://notdolllab.com/shop/step1.php?number=369 Now I need to order a black wig with pigtails for her. ...
    4. Oh good! I was wondering the same thing--I ordered Lolita Lucy and thought I might look around for some togs for her.
      Love those Lucys'.
    5. From what I heard, the tiny betsy stuff is loose, since She's soooo thin but should be OK with a little alteration. I've also heard she can wear regular brats doll stuff, which I've tested, and the pants are long, but they do fit.

      A very nice person had sent her Lucy to me for clothing, so it did give me an opportunity to try other things on her. Banji sized shoes will fit her. Licca shoes are big, but if they look small, they'll hold on fine. I found a punky tight regular bratz outfit and it fit her pretty well, except that the pants were long, but that was pretty easy to alter. Blythe and Licca clothing are pretty big, so alteration will be necessary.
    6. Going outside of the norm of ABJD discussion, from everything I'm hearing - anything that fits a Blythe might fit Lucy. Blythe fits the Only Hearts stuff to perfection and with socks can wear the shoes and the shoes I've seen on Blythes (the tinier shoes) I have seen on different Lucy's from their seller websites.

      Carrying on the my degrees of separation, short tight Blythe stuff fits Lati yellows - does that mean Lati Yellow and Lucy can share clothes?

    7. I have a Lati Yellow, and have a Lucy on order. In a month I'll be able to tell you. I can't wait to find out the answer, myself! Hee hee.

      EDIT: I got Lucy. I just tried a Lati Yellow dress on her, and it actually fit in the torso/chest, but was WAY too short to look good on Lucy.
    8. Hot stuff! That little Sydney is a wowser. I'm glad I have a few Bratz things--there's a good dealer on ebay that sells individual pieces from the Bratz line, too. I was afraid the Bratz pieces would be too small, but those look great on her!
      I'm going to a doll show tomorrow (Collector's United) and there will be loads of dealers there. What should I be looking for in the way of shoes? Tiny Betsy? What about Riley? There is a Tiny Patsyette, too. (Too many questions!)
    9. OH, I just got my Lati Yellow Lumi, and she's defintely wider than Lucy.... but My Lumi may be able to wear some things that my Miel/Joong hybrid could wear.... I must check!

      SHOES! look for shoes that are about 24mm. Lucy fits the shoes Rosa made me for my AGA/Banji/Cumi and they can wear 24mm shoes. (She's got very tiny feet!) I think that's tiny betsy mccall...so I'm guessing Riley shoes with socks...since they are a hair bigger and wider... By the way, my Lumi should fit Riley shoes (a little tight) so there can be a bit of swapping between the two.
    10. So if she fits regular Bratz clothes, Bratz Kidz would be too small, right?
    11. Bratz kids is too small. Some of the stretchy skirts fit, but not the tops or pants. I tried the Riley shoes on her and they look like boats on her feet, even with socks. Don't bother with the NotDoll shoes that are sold for Lucy, I bought them and the boots, too and they are all too big. Your best bet is to have Rosa make you some, or the Tiny Betsy. I don't know about Patsyette.
      Also, Anna at Demi-Doll Couture made me a fabulous sister set with matching shoes/boots for my Sydney (Lucy) and Vivi, (Yam):
    12. okee dokee. Thanks.
    13. Thanks so much for the info--I'll be on the lookout tomorrow for the TB shoesies and if lucky, so Bratz wear. I can't wait for my Lucy to arrive--she's gooing to be a fairy girl.
      I also saw at Target today some nifty sequin/beaded dresses that might fit her in the Xmas deco aisle. Really cute, purple ones but they looked same or bigger size than the OH clothes. (Wish I'd seen this before I bought that outfit) Though it's a good measuring tool. I have a 23cm Volks that may be similar in size to Lucy. We shall see when she gets here.
    14. Riley Kish shoes are too big. She can wear them, but they look like boats on her feet. They are the tiniest bit larger than 8-inch Tiny Betsy McCall shoes. I got my Lucy and can confirm now that Tiny Betsy shoes are perfect.
    15. Re the comment about Blythe clothes fitting - Lucy is claimed to be able to wear Takara Licca clothes. When Takara first brought out Blythe, they used Licca's body for her. I have read Takara have changed the body since, but I doubt it was by very much in relation to size.

    16. I have Licci clothes and some Sugar Mag ..I love Sugar Mag
      its very hit and miss , all are large on her , but some look nice

      Nami dose like Blythe shoes , she fits into the Minoru world PocketFairy shoes , with socks , and the Mary Janes I have

      shoes arnt too much of a problem for me ,
      Im making some outfits up now for her , that will be on my site soon

      she is a difficult one , but one of my favorite girls
    17. curse of the double post ...sorry
    18. Yay for Lucy outfits! A girl can never have too many togs. I'll be watching your site for new things.
      I was scrounging around on the sugar mag/amelie tailor site earlier this morning wondering about the fit on their things. Some really darling things there, too. It's great to know Blythe's shoes will fit. Someone told me Momoko's feet were the same size, too, but I think she has high-heel feet.
    19. Lucy will fit Tiny Betsy, some better than others. This is from the Tonner Mrs. Claus' elves:[​IMG]
      As you can see, a bit loose in the waist but how cute is that? I have the Christmas pants set as well and that fits perfectly.
      Wig by Tiny Bear!