Preorder Lullaby Poem Wigs pre-order 11/2016

Nov 14, 2016

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      New wigs from Lullaby Poem are open for pre-order.

      Pre-order period : 12 - 22 NOV 2016
      Estimated delivery : Late JAN 2017

      Check here for available sizes and colors.
      ✿ PRE-ORDER : Lullaby Poem Wig ✿


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    2. How can we order? I love your wigs!! Is the slot guaranteed if we ordered at the exact given time? Or there is an alloted qty for every design? Can you take orders here at DOA? Thanks!! :)
    3. Sorry for my delayed reply. Pre-order is guaranteed you'll get wigs that are open for pre-order. You can order as many as you want. No maximum qty. Pls note production time is around 60 days. Estimated shipment will be in late JAN2017.

      I'm not checking DOA very often. It's best pls order from our shopping cart website or our Facebook Page : Doll Marche | Facebook