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Lumedoll 70cm Vega

Jul 8, 2015


      [​IMG] [​IMG]

      So, the creator behind Lumedoll just annouced her preorder for her first 70cm doll, Vega! 8D! LOOKIT HIM, AUGH. Precious!
      More awesome? He's on her new double jointed body which, in my opinion, is just amazing. 8,D I have an older Lumedoll and I might just have to look into
      putting him on one of her newer bodies...!

      [​IMG] [​IMG]

      So, what's everyone think! Who's putting in their preorder for Vega? Anyone been waiting just a guy just this handsome man to come out? Share away and of course,
      as soon as one of you gets him... You better post some pictures!! <3 <3

      Lumedoll 70cm Vega
      Lumedoll Homepage
    2. That body is all sorts of lovely! But unfortunate timing with Granado Mars being just released as well. :(

      Off hand, I would say this body's neck would be too big to put one of the older boy's heads on. Unless it's Usil, in which case the head would likely be too big for the body.
      Mmmmmm! Usil! Another gorgeous LumeDoll body!
    3. Thanks for the thoughts on that, Aernath! Hmmm... My Keid Ara is still pretty damn gorgeous, so I suppose I'll just have to be happy with his old bod. Vega though, is so tempting, isn't he? I'm going to need to see pictures of him with my Dollshes and such, see how he looks with them!
    4. Did anybody ever order one of these gorgeous boys? I know I hope to one day! :D
    5. I was wondering how the body was posing. He is sold out on Lumedoll website and I haven't found any owners' pictures on Flickr. If Lumedoll waited till end of July to make them, the buyers should start receiving their boys this month.
    6. I'm also interested in seeing owner pics/reviews - hopefully we'll see some soon!
    7. Vega is in his last preorder period right now, until the end of April!

      I am most likely going to order him on layaway, but I am still trying to decide White or Peach. I sent Eva an email about the possibility of seeing an updated resin comparison, since the images on her Flickr are from 2013 when she offered 3 different "Normal Skin" colors.

      I was really hoping I would have more time to save, but I think with a little scrambling and purging of my current collection, I can make it work. :D Gotta have at least one more Lume in my group!!
    8. I'm about to place my order on this gorgeous guy! VERY new to the hobby, but when I realized he was limited...I couldn't pass him up. I think I'm going to get peach? @Miss_Pygmalion, I assume you like lumedoll? I'll have to check out your Ain! I fell for Vega the second I saw him, and I'm hoping to find other lumedoll owners!
    9. I have been following Eva's dolls since she was sculpting her first SD boy (Ain) here in the (now gone) Workshop forum almost 10 years ago!

      I am going to order him on Layaway in White. It's wasn't as much his face for me, but his body that captured my heart! It's just exceptionally beautiful to me! I have such a huge soft spot for her dolls, his face grew on me very quickly after I fell head over heels for his body. :)
      Tiny Lucas was totally an impulse buy for me. Lumedoll is my addiction. :p

      Though I must apologize, @Alsatian I'm not a big poster of my dolls. Ain is in a few photostories I posted, but they are several years old, and he's been restyled a bit since then.
    10. That's no problem! Just excited to meet someone else, especially someone else getting Vega! Hopefully we can keep in touch as they arrive/get styled (this will be my second doll, so I don't think it'll be anything too fantastical!)
    11. Yesssssss.... I sort of have a plan for him. He's most likely going to be a Winter character, very pale and ethereal.
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    12. Definitely keep me updated, that sounds great! :love
    13. It's official!! Sent Lumedoll an email for the preorder on the 4 month layaway option. :D :D
    14. I sent mine in yesterday! 50/50 layaway. I can't wait!!! He and my first doll will probably be arriving around the same time...I think I may have the post hold them for me instead of figuring out if I'll be off work or not. so excited!
    15. Deposit made, no going back!! EEEEEEEE, another Lume for my collection! :D :D
    16. Have you already picked an outfit/wig/eyes? Do you do your own faceup? I have NO idea what I'm doing with him! I love long hair...but his sculpt looks so good with the short wig!
    17. I am hoping he will like a long silvery leeke wig I already have here, otherwise I might get him a milly white one, model him after one of my favorite Bleach characters, Captain Ukitake. :p I'm thinking very pale grey or blue eyes, icy-like. And yes, I always do my own face-ups. Eva has it right, her sculpts I think work best with a very delicate hand and natural type of face-up. And since I got White, it will be an incredibly understated face-up.
      As for outfit, I'm leaning towards some sort of Oriental-style regal robes.
    18. Ooooooh long white hair will look so cool! I'm having a friend do the faceup for this guy--I have neither the supplies or knowledge for my own, but I'll be sticking to very natural as well. Now begins the wait!
    19. Hey hey! Good to see others here getting Vega! I am on the lay away too, for a tan. ^_^
      And just like Pyg, I fell hard for that body first! OMG it's just edible! :drool:
      I have no idea who or what this guy will be, but we'll see when he arrives.
      In a few months... lol
    20. Yay!!! Welcome to the Vega party!