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Lumedoll Blue Fundago (tiny mouse!)

Apr 10, 2008

    1. Discussion thread!!!

      Who else is totally stoked for this little guy?

      Measurements from Dollist:
      18cm tall
      10mm eyes
      2.5cm foot
      11cm head (4-5" wig, but you might have to make some holes for his ears)
      9cm chest and waist
      10cm hips

      I'll let her add the pictures. :)
    2. Someone asked in the sales thread about clothes this mouse could wear. I have some Only hearts club clothes(from target) that I bought for a dollfie and they fit good ...except the pants, they're too long of course. I'll try to find some others to see if they fit (yay, toy dept. shopping!).
    3. I love his face sculpt, and the faceups you did. Especially the eyebrows!

      His face is so versatile! I can see four or five different expressions in the different head angles.

      How does the headcap go on?

      *Adds to wishlist*
    4. The headcap attaches to the s-hook in his head. It's pretty easy to get on and off.
    5. Hi!
      The first mouse orders should be ready to ship by the end of the week or early next week! I'm up to my eyeballs in big and small doll parts right now:lol:!
    6. I've got mine, and I've stuck him in about the only thing I could find, the striped-jacket outfit Michael wears in the Mary Poppins Barbie line, but no true photos yet as he needs his face first!

      He fits Riley Kish shoes.
    7. Aw, they are so cute!
      I love animal bjds <3