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Lumedoll by dollist

Jan 7, 2008

    1. Just a small announcement that the 60cm boys are available and the first ordering period is Closed now. Lumedoll.com is currently under construction so more information can be found in the Marketplace thread for the time being!



      Lumedoll is a small studio run by a single artist and each doll is handmade using professional materials. For this reason only small quantities of these dolls will be made at a time. I'll update here about the website and any new dolls that become available!​
    2. This is the newest doll, Naos...

      I'll be taking orders until January 20th (or sooner if the available spaces are filled).​
    3. Hi there!
      Since the ordering period will be ending soon, I've decided to offer free shipping(US only, excluding layaway orders). :)
    4. will you take orders for the head seperately? I don't have enough for a full doll yet but I'd love a Naos head! ^__^ If not, I'll wait til I get back from Camp. ;)
    5. Right now I'm not selling the heads separately. I may offer just the heads later on in the year. :)
    6. Tomorrow is the last day to order for this ordering period! Layaway is available and there is free priority mail shipping (US only) for non-layaway orders. The next ordering period should be sometime after these orders have shipped.:)