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New Doll [LUMEDOLL]Giddeous Project Baughn

Apr 27, 2019

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    2. Do you offer layaway plans for this guy?
    3. Cute! Do you have any plans on selling the head separately?
    4. Hi!
      Yes, layaway is available!
      A) 3 Month Payment Plan (30% deposit, balance divided into 3 payments due every 30 days)
      B) 4 Month Payment Plan (30% deposit, balance divided into 4 payments due every 30 days)
      C) 2 Payments (50% deposit, balance due when doll(s) ready to ship)
    5. Hi!
      Baughn is only available as a full doll.
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    6. Are the ears strung, can they be moved into different positions? Also, it would be nice to see a close-up of the head, I can't find any on your site, flickr, etc.
    7. Hi!
      Yes, the ears are strung and can be moved. In the original drawings his ears were long and droopy so for the doll I decided to joint them mainly for ease of positioning around his body.

      Also, I fixed the Flickr album so the close-up pictures could be seen (sorry about that) here.
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    8. Hi! There was a small error in Baughn's release information that has been clarified! He is available for pre-order until the edition is sold out.