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Lumedoll - Mature 43/45cm Elf - Meissa

Feb 4, 2012

    1. **Looks like this announcement may have slipped through the cracks... (If the info was already posted and I missed it, sorry mods!)

      Release of 43/45cm mature Elf Meissa

      On January 26, Lumedoll added Meissa, a new elf sculpt, to their MSD-sized line! As with all of Lumedoll's 43/45cm dolls, you can order the head on either a female (43cm) or male (45cm) body. The dolls are cast in urethane resin.

      Skintones: Pure White, Light Pink, Normal Pink, Normal Yellow, Tan* and Grey*. (* - Tan and Grey cost an additional $15.00.)


      Here is the Lumedoll website:

      And here is the 43/45cm page:

    2. This head has been deemed off-topic for DoA.