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Lumedoll Mature Mini discussion Part 1

Nov 10, 2011

    1. I just love Lumedoll's new mature Minis! I especially appreciate the fact you can choose to have either a male or female body for each sculpt!

      My favorite is Tyl. I think I would like him best in Light Pink with a bit of a more girly faceup.

      What's your favorite? I love all the resin colors available, too!

      ........Mod Note.....

      This is a discussion for Lumedoll Mature Mini 43cm and 45cm.

      Company website:

      43cm "Meissa" (female)
      height 43 cm
      head 14 cm
      chest 18.2 cm
      waist 12.6 cm
      hip 18 cm
      foot 5.2 cm
      eye 6 mm

      45cm "Rischa" Male
      height 45 cm
      head 14 cm
      chest 20 cm
      waist 15 cm
      hip 17 cm
      foot 5.8 cm
      eye 6 mm

      Lumedoll Mature Mini discussion Part 1:
    2. Here is my Tyl in tan. He can wear the Tonner clothes but pants are a bit high water on him. *_*
      He is quite lovely..beautiful resin color and detail to the face-up that just blows me away.
      Sorry..night photos in my kitchen. Best I could do.

      I also have Rana although I am having lots of trouble finding the right clothes and shoes for her. Also, have had to order smaller wigs. They take a 5-6. This wig that is on her is a 6-7 and too big. it is an old mohair that I had so hair is all over her face.

      She is quite lovely and again the quality of the resin is beautiful. I am very pleased.
    3. jo1961, does normal MNF-size clothing not fit her very well?
    4. I have only tried my Tonner/Wilde clothes on them. This is my first venture into this size doll and I honestly thought they would be closer in size to my narins. Of course, they are not. They are very thin and tall but well proportioned. Now I shall show my ignorance: What does MNF stand for? Sorry..

      The eyes are 6 or 8 mm.
      Thank you Fashionbabylon..so many terms to learn in BJD collecting.:doh

      I looked up some other company sizes for comparison. The Lume doll is actually about the same size as a Kish 16” adult model. I will post a photo of the two next to each other. I am sure the Lumedoll female can wear the Kish clothes. The Tonner 16” head is actually smaller..their wigs are tight - at least the few I have did not fit properly.

      Here are some comparisons:
      Comparison of MiniFee size and Lumedoll, Supia Mini size

      MiniFee Lume Doll Female Male Supia mini

      HT 36.5cm 43cm 45cm 43cm
      Head 19cm 14cm 14cm 17cm
      Chest 16cm 18cm 20cm 17cm
      Waist 12.5 12.6 15cm 12.7cm
      Hip 19.5 18cm 17cm 20cm

      Shoot...this pushed all the measurements together...will do a separate posting with photo in a minute.

      I will try to take another photo of Rana with a Kish and a Tonner doll. The one that was here has been deleted..sorry. Jo
    5. Hi, hane! *waves hello* And thank you! I'm really thrilled to my toenails about Rischa. ^_^ I got mine in Normal Pink. The tan was super tempting, but a little bit out of my price range at the mo. Oh well, maybe for Tyl... (After all, Rischa is gonna need a friend. Heh heh.) My mom (bookdreamer22 here on DoA) bought a Tyl for herself in Yellow Normal, so it'll be interesting to compare the two in person. I'll be sure to take pictures to post when they both arrive. :) You'll have to take pictures of your tan boy as well. I totally want to see him!!

      But yeah - Rischa will be my first MSD, so I'm gonna have to do some shopping. (All of my current boys are 60-70cm. ^^;; ) Luckily, I just finished a fabric swap here on DoA, so I'm thinking I'll also try to make him some new duds when he shows up.

      Can anyone recommend somewhere to get clothes for these guys? Do any other companies offer clothes for similar sized bjds? Has anyone tried Dollmore's FD outfits on the 45cm Lumedolls? (The 16" Dollmore FDs are OT, but it looks like they're fairly close measurement-wise to the Lumedoll 45cm boys.)
    6. Hey! 6mm is not too small - that's OK. And wigs he needs size 5-6. I have Tyl in tan color with default eyes and make-up. The only thing that saddens me is the light stripes after sanding. And the rest is fine!
      In my blog post has more pics, but they are all from the series "warning, naked Doll!"
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    7. Thanks for this picture Tezuko, Does lines from sanding are that bad?
    8. They are annoying because are very notable. Up to 1 cm broad, and in these areas tan color has turned into a normal. This can be seen even on this little picture - here they are, on the legs.
      I hope that later on they will merge with the base color, as happened with my other bjds, which also have the defect.
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    9. Thanks for that, well I'm not that advised for those lines on hands, coz he will get sleeves tattoos and whole back one + partial on torso :) And the legs, he will have long sleeves pants so no problem about it XD Does your boy have normal msd clothes on him?
    10. Yes, and no problem only with knee-high socks :lol:.
      Shirt from M3 http://www.m3bjd.com/index.php?page...category_id=7&option=com_virtuemart&Itemid=10 - the sleeves are short, buttons are too large.
      Suspenders from Iplehouse http://www.iplehouse.net/shop/step1.php?number=1615 - metal details are too large.
      "Leather" pants from Mint-on-card http://www.mintoncardinc.com/dolls/item_details.php?BJD=2820&name=K2+Bad+Boy+Pants+%281%2F4%29&cat=59 - were too broad and short, I made of them low sitting on hips shorts.
      Knee-high socks from Kemperdolls http://www.kemperdolls.com/index.php?link=product&ID=351 for 16-18' dolls.

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    11. Thanks, that's help a lot :)
      I ordered for mine boy things form alice's collection :)
      Here is the photo: shopping for my boy
      And they came already and looks really nice :)
      Thou shirt is bigger than the jacket :D
    12. I bought this gorgeous girl (Rana) from Jo and thought I'd post a new photo of her. Her new boots just arrived yesterday. I got them from ebay seller dollsfairyland and they fit her perfectly. I've renamed her Astrid because she seems to have a cool Scandinavian quality. [​IMG][/IMG]
    13. oh yeah, they fit perfectly! Great one :)
      Congrats of getting her :)

      And FINALLY my boy - Shiki - is home!!!! I even sawed a wig for him :D I'm so happy :D

      Much more photos and some info HERE
    14. Although late, but congratulations! :)

      My boy is watching this thread and saw no new posts or pictures in it. Where all gone?
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    15. I have been looking at thses dolls for a while. Tezuko, I love your tan Tyl. And Slersk, Seris is really nice in the gray resin. I really widh I could find the resin tones on that site..... >.>
    16. Is there an updated link for the first thread? The one up there no longer is valid, it seems!
    17. Hello! I'm hoping to pick up a Rischa head soon--does anyone have some pics of him they can share?