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Lumedoll Moon 20cm Line (Lunar, Luna Dionne, Io)

Sep 23, 2010

    1. I've been wanting an Io for a while, which prompted me to contact them about when they'd next release— was so glad to be told this month, I can't wait!
    2. I'm so excited for you! I will be anxious to see pictures:D I also was quite interested in Io for a good while and now that I have seen the others I am torn:XD: I really like Luna, I may have to get her eventually:D
    3. ohhh! I have never hear about this dolls!! I fall in love with luna and lunar.....
    4. I have an Io Moon and I can post some pictures, if you are interested. He is a lovely little chap.
    5. I'm sure I speak for many Io-lovers that your little guy caused a lot of Io-envy, so I for one would love to see as many pics as you are willing to share!

      Also, if you don't mind sharing, could you tell us around how much Io cost when you purchased him? Someone on my news post was curious about the approximate price.
    6. Ah! Highate caused that, did he? Bad boy.

      Well, I don't have that many fresh pictures, but if anyone wants to see a particular aspect of the sculpt, I will give it a go.

      They can wear some Barbie, Bratz and Blythe clothing quite happily, although Barbie legs are way too long.

      I think these are Bratz. The jeans were capri length on the original doll.


      Cropped Barbie trousers.


      Er, yeah. Barbie.


      Blythe stretchy leggings.


      This is the information Eva gave me when I ordered mine. However, I think I remember her saying that she might be updating the sculpt slightly, so it might not all be current. I will ask and get back to you.

      Information regarding Lumedoll Moons (Io, Dione, Luna & Lunar)

      Available in Normal, Light, and Pure White skin tones

      Moons come with random set of eyes, certificate of authenticity, assembled with all seams sanded.

      Measurements : 20cm tall, 10mm eye, 13.5cm (5 1/4")head circum. , 29mm foot, chest/waist/hip 8.7cm/8.3cm/10..1

      As for price, he was a little under $200, but that was some time ago.
    7. Ohman, if he fits Bratz clothes, I'd have entire wardrobe ready for him...
    8. i have been wanting IO for a while. i will be getting him for sure. more IO pictures please:)
    9. I'm in love with Luna and Dionne, but they're all super cute!:chibi
      Just one question, has Io optionals feet?
    10. Io does. He has hoof feet and human feet (see pictures above). I can't say for the others, though.
    11. I see, thank you very much! :)
    12. Yikes, I might be in trouble. I have a Lumedoll Saiph head and it's gorgeous. I love the resin she uses, and her faces are really unique and full of character. Maybe Santa will bring me one......
    13. I don't see anything about Io's hooves listed on the sales page, though, unless I'm missing something?
    14. it says Io comes with both types of feet
    15. Oh, me.. I am having a very hard time choosing between Luna and Io:XD: I especially love yours, MadamMauMau:D His faceup and blushing are gorgeous!
    16. im for sure getting IO. i just need to pick the resin color. i love the white but i wonder what the suntan will look like....
    17. Gosh, they are so darn cute!

      MadamMauMau may I ask if your Io is in real skin?...I was wondering how well it would stand up over time or if it changes color quickly, being similar to french resin.

      Also does anyone know if they are limited for a specific ordering period only?

    18. MadameMauMau.... Those pictures make me want him even more! Oh I do hope he will be around for a while as I am a wee bit broke. He is absolutely delightful!