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Lumedoll new boy KEID ARA

Jan 30, 2010

    1. He's so handsome. What are the differences to his sculpt from te orginal keid, anyone know? i'm trying to decide which I like better
    2. I'm not sure about the changes made but his mouth is different, looks like the upper lip is full so you see less of his teeth? And do his eyes look slightly reshaped and his cheekbones a bit higher? There are not very many owner pics to compare but that is what I'm seeing.

      I really like him. I do wish the heads were sold separately but I understand why she doesn't choose to make that an option. It's just a bit too skinny for my tastes as lovely as it is. Really it's a character issue for me.

      But back to the head. Totally lovely. :aheartbea
    3. Idrisfynn you are very observant. I have the original Keid as well and I compared him. The mouth is different because the teeth are no longer removable. His cheekbones are a bit higher to give him more of an older look and his eyes and nose where pretty much left the same.

      As for the Ara Keid body, it's different, its not as skinny as it once was! I'll be asking if I can post picture for comparison so you can make your own decisions. He's thicker and the legs aren't as skinny lol! Would anyone like to see comparisons picks?

      Sillypeach: It's pretty much what Idrisfynn said and I explained!
    4. Thanks guys -I cna definatley see he's a little different, although I was having trouble placing what it was.

      I'm definatley getting one some time soon. He's incrediably handsome, and I would love to see comparason pics.
    5. I can't wait to see more of the newest sculpts coming from Lumedoll. He is gorgeous!
    6. I've asked Dollist to post them and she will as soon as she recovers from Idex!
    7. Excellent! If the body is even a bit bulkier I will be sorely tempted! Dollist just keeps refining and improving. :D
    8. Hi!
      What an extremely exhausting weekend! I took some quick pictures of the old and new heads:


      He has a magnetic head cap now as well. His body is a bit larger (he's grown another centimeter too!) although he's no body builder;) and there are locking ridges at his knee joint with a smoother profile to the knee and ankle...I've made lots of little changes here and there!

      The body fits better in clothing too. His Nine9style skinny jeans actually look ... like skinny jeans, lol!
    9. Love the improvements! I didn't see a comparison photo of the three resin colors, but is this an example of the pure white resin?
    10. That's the light skin tone. The pure white is a very white resin! I'll have all of the resin colors on the site soon (I'll be adding more photos to the website as well).
    11. Thanks for taking the time to post the pics, Dollist! Lovely!
    12. More photos were added to the website today!
    13. The new Keid=:aheartbea

      I loved the original boy, but the newer one is really a lovely improvement! He's absolutely perfect for a character I have in mind.
    14. I've done more work on the website (added more pictures now and also got pics up of the new girl that's coming soon)! I'll be going through the site design periodically to get it to flow a bit better...I'm learning web design as I go along ;)!
    15. They both look real promising, can't wait to hear more of the new girl:)
    16. Tania's release date is March 1st! The first ordering period for the Real Skin should start soon after that (Real Skin is the only resin type that will have ordering periods, the urethane will be available on a regular basis).

    17. Yay! I can't wait! Anyone else saving up for a Tania? :|
    18. I AM! I want a Tania so bad soon as I get paid!