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Update Lumedoll - New Dolls

Jun 30, 2008

    1. Update 8/2/08 : Two new boys!

      [​IMG] [​IMG]

      More pictures will be added to the website soon!

      Hi there!
      Just a few things to announce!

      The boys have a new body (it's now 62cm tall), and while Ain has been discontinued, Izar is here to take his place! Also joining the Lume family are two 56cm girls, Maia and Ankaa.

      I've discontinued ordering periods, so orders can now be placed at any time.

      July 18 - Added a large bust optional part for the girls!

      More information can be found at www.lumedoll.com or e-mail !

      Thanks and have a nice summer!

      Discussion Thread here
    2. Photos to add:

      [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    3. The new girls are lovely! Do you have any larger photos of the girl body posted anywhere, or closeups especially of the hands and feet?
    4. Hi there!
      I've been working little by little on the website, but there are larger pictures of the girl body if you click on the smaller body pictures. I'll try to get some larger photos of the boys up soon too!
    5. I've never seen your dolls before, but they are lovely. I especially like Izar. But I also saw on your Deviantart site that you have made two tinies called Luna and Lunar. Are you planning to release them too?
    6. Hi!
      Luna and Lunar were a personal project and there are no plans to release them at this time.
    7. Hey, I hope this is not an off-topic question, (and if it is, I apologize), but I was wondering when the next order period will be?

      I really adore Keid's sculpt, but I am unfortunately not able to place an order at this point, hehe :sweat So I was wondering when to expect to hold my money ready, for the next time?
    8. Hi!
      I usually determine the next ordering period after all the previous orders have shipped. A very rough estimate would be some time in November, but I do offer layaway, as I know this helps a lot!

    9. Do you have any photos of skintone comparisons? In the white photo shoot you did, is the Keid whiteskin or normal?

      I've been resisting buying another doll but Keid is just too special and too darn pretty! And Maia is gorgeous!
    10. Hi!
      The only dolls pictured in normal skin tone are Izar and Naos, the others are in the brightskin, which is very light and has an almost pearl-like quality when seen in person.
    11. Hi!
      Just an update!

      I know the ordering period is almost over, but I'm going to try an experiment!
      I'm finding that I've become much more efficient at producing the dolls and that the ordering periods are no longer necessary (and perhaps inconvenient for those who want to order a doll).

      The dolls can now be ordered any time through the website.

    12. The optional large bust for the girls is now available!
      There are a few pictures at the website, I'll post more later on in the week!
    13. A related question: can they wear any commericaly available clothes?
      Also will you make the heads available for sale: I want 2 boys and 2 girls. its would be easier (realisticly) for me to buy two complete dolls and two heads.
      Beautiful dolls
    14. I'm not 100% sure about the fit, but they should fit in clothes from some companies that have slimmer dolls (for example clothes from Dollmore or Latidoll, and I believe Dollheart might fit as well). I'm going to look into this soon (I don't have much time to sew anymore ;))!
    15. :)New dolls in first post!