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Update Lumedoll - News!

Nov 20, 2008

    1. Hello!

      The website for Lumedoll has been redesigned! Hopefully it will be easier to navigate now, and there are more pictures as well! It's at www.lumedoll.com

      Also, the dolls will be featured in the January 2009 issue of Dolls Magazine!

    2. Hello!

      I've just seen the stunningly beautiful Bellatrix on ebay, but not on the website. Is she a one off or will she be released on the Lumedoll website soon?
    3. Wow, I love Saiph, do you sell his head only? :O

      Is he regular edition or is limited?
    4. Saiph is regular edition I know that for a fact and at one point she was selling the head separately. I think that is a periodic thing tho.

      Discussion thread is here if you have more questions!