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Lumedoll Tania

Mar 1, 2010

    1. Tania is now available for pre-order!


      More photos and ordering information at www.lumedoll.com .


      The first ordering period for Real Skin resin is March 14th- April 3rd and both Tania and Keid Ara can be ordered in this resin type during this time.
      (regular matte resin is regularly available)
    2. Is Real Skin different than Normal Skin?
    3. are you taking orders for the real skin now, or should we wait until the 14th to order? also, what color is your Tania in the promo photos.... light? or white? thanks..... :)
    4. The real skin has the same translucent qualities as french resin and should be cared for the same way (it also has a UV stabilizer added to it like the matte resin).

      In the close up pictures of Tania (the one above) she is in the medium flesh real skin. I'm only taking orders for the real skin resin on those dates but, if production goes smoothly this time, the next ordering periods will most likely be longer and more frequent.
    5. is it possible to order normal urethane resin for Tania?
    6. Hi Florianne, the matte urethane resin is always available to order with no ordering period. The ordering period of 3/14-4/3 only applies to dolls ordered in the Real Skin.