Preorder Luna the bat!

Feb 1, 2018

    1. Hello everyone, it's time for more bats!
      Luna's third preorder will run Febuary 1st-28th, 2018!
      Once again, Luna will be professionally cast by Harucasting.
      They will be available in 5 skin tones this round; Light Pearl Violet, Dark Pearl Violet, Pearl Brown, Brown Grey, and Cream White. The Pearl Violets are as pictured, though due to lighting, monitor settings, resin batches and so on, colours may not be exact. The other colours are shown as swatches so please be advised that the finished product may look slightly different.
      Luna's are $180 USD each plus express shipping to your location from Canada, you can pay in one installment, or split your payment up with a partially payable invoice.
      Each doll will come blank with a box, pillow, COA, and a pair of 12mm glitter eyes. I'm excited to announce that Soul Cookies co. will be partnering with me for eyes and you will actually get a choice from the colours and style pictured!
      I will also be donating $10 USD to Bat Conservation International for each Luna sold!
      Luna is 13cm tall and single jointed with 12 points of articulation and wears 10 or 12mm eyes depending on taste and brand.
      They can sit, stand, and hang upside down by their curved feet.
      Please contact me at [email protected] if you would like to order or have any questions!
      If you are ordering please let me know the following:
      -How many dolls you would like
      -What colour resin you would like
      -What eye style and colour you would like.
      -Your PayPal email address
      -Your complete mailing address including a phone number
      -If you would like layaway
      Production time does take several months due to the specialty resins but I'll keep you updated as best I can through Facebook and Tumblr.
      At this point in time, I only accept PayPal.
      Thank you for looking!
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    2. [​IMG]
      [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    3. Adorable!

      Do you have any pics of them hanging upside down by the feet?
    4. I do @Cap'n :)

      Haru took a picture before they were sent home last time!
      Ready to go home!

      Just to show off the dark pearl violet a bit more. It looks almost black next to the light pearl violet but has a lot of personality!
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    5. Only a couple days left!:sumomo:
    6. @Nyxy, is the violet bat in the very center of Harucasting's photo light or dark pearl violet? It is on the top line covering its face. :)
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    7. Answering because I asked the same question! :whee:The one covering its face is the dark pearl violet! Isn't it gorgeous?! I had to order her & the light pearl violet as a set because they're just so adorable!
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