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Luts 1/6 Delfs coming soon!

Aug 25, 2006

    1. Looks like the 1/6 Delfs will be coming soon, this was on the Luts question board:

      I am SOOOOOO excited! I'm glad they are resin and not plastic.
    2. You mean CP, right?


      I wonder if they mean selling for another company, or if CP wll be putting out 1/6ths. I'd likely only be interested if they were by CP. :/ There is an unconditional love for CP that I seem to hold tight.
    3. If it's "Delf" it's made by CP. Luts distributes them, and because they treat them pretty much as their own line, everyone uses Luts and CP interchangeably. So yes, these are by CP/Luts.
    4. And yes, they're definately CP if you want to be technical with the name... since it was obvious in that pic that one of them was a chiwoo... though I found it really odd how I only saw one boy and so many girls. O_o
    5. OK I know I'm a dweeb...what size is 1/6th?
    6. I think that the title of this discussion is "Luts 1/6 Delfs coming soon!"
      That's why I said luts... and wasn't this news posted on the LUTS board? :aheartbea
    7. If I remember correctly (And my mental conversion isn't too off) 1/6th is around 30cm/11". Same size as Barbie, MiniGem, and Soul Little.
    8. 1/6th rancg from 23cm to 30cm and are often 27cm. Fabulous to have more in this size.
    9. WHAT PIC?! 8D
      Can you post the link?
      I checked out the Luts site, but can't find them...