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LUTS 2009 June NEW ARRIVAL dolls

May 15, 2009

    1. [Released dolls in 2009 Summer Event]

      We show you new arrival dolls for 2009 Summer Event.
      Our dolls will be released on 1st June and 8th June separately. ​

      This summer, please enjoy our NEW Delf - LUTS Junior Delf,
      NEW story of Zuzu Delf - LUTS Zuzu Delf WOLFFY Limited
      and NEW Type body of Senior Delf - Senior Delf TYPE 3 BOY BODY. ​

      Their photos and information will be opened one by one. ​

      [Released on 1st June 2009 (12:00 p.m. - noon)]


      1. LUTS Zuzu Delf WOLFFY Limited and FRISE Limited
      Zuzu Delf WOLFFY-The frog Princess ver. Limited

      Zuzu Delf WOLFFY-The Pasturer ver. Limited

      Zuzu Delf WOLFFY-The Hunter ver. Limited

      Zuzu Delf WOLFFY-The Shepherd Boy ver. Limited

      Zuzu Delf WOLFFY-The Grandma ver. Limited

      Zuzu Delf WOLFFY-The Postman ver. Limited

      Zuzu Delf FRISE-The Apple Grower (Little Red Riding Hood ver.) Limited
      - Zuzu Delf is all limited version.

      2. LUTS Honey Delf CHOCO and LOLLY
      LUTS Honey Delf boy CHOCO

      LUTS Honey Delf girl LOLLY

      3. LUTS Kid Delf boy LIME and Kid Delf girl LEMON
      LUTS Kid Delf boy LIME

      LUTS Kid Delf girl LEMON

      [Released on 8th June 2009 (12:00 p.m. - noon)]
      4. LUTS Junior Delf boy RIGEL and LEPUS

      5. LUTS Delf boy EDGAR

      - Type 3 body only​

      6. LUTS Senior Delf boy JUDE and KARIS

      - Senior Delf TYPE 3 boy body option​

      7. LUTS Senior Delf girl GRACE and HARMONY

      8. LUTS Super Senior Delf boy LANDY and CIRRUS


      * Senior Delf TYPE 3 boy body OPTION for NEW arrival Senior Delf boy

      - Senior Delf TYPE 3 body option will be attached on NEW Senior Delf boys ONLY. (JUDE and KARIS)
      - Option price is as same as TYPE 2 body option.
      - Senior Delf TYPE 3 body IS NOT SOLD as OPTION PARTS.
      - We do not offer TYPE 3 body option to our basic Senior Delf boys currently. (from ABADON to IDO)

      * NOTE *

      - At this moment, they are manufactured only in Real Skin NORMAL. (except Delf Edgar)

      - We will open more photos and detailed information soon so please wait for our further notice.
      We will not reply for inquiry our plan about new body option / information which will be released soon.
    2. Discussion thread for Wolffy here.
    3. I went to Harajuku Doll exhibition and I fell in love! omg Lime he is soooo gorgeous.
      here are some pictures I took of him. He was with boy Bory. For some reason Bory skin looks really pink while Lime looks more yellow. I am sorry for the poor quality of the picture. I can't seem to capture his cool and puppy like character. Plus the light was really bad T_T
      He was the best thing in the exhibition omg I am in loveeee
    4. The fourth village of Zuzu Delf - Märchen forestfeld of WOLFFY​

      Story is being opened, tomorrow we will open the last story of them. ^^​


      Dear everyone,
      Here comes the 4th village of Zuzu Delf -
      Let me introduce Zuzu Delf 4th story of Märchen forestfeld of West with mysterious forest and fairytales. ​

      Märchen forestfeld of northwest is romantic origin of many fairytales.

      When you turn your steps toward the village, peaceful ‘RANCH of FLOCK’ and fragrant forest would make you smile - You may feel that you are a part of old story. ​

      Someone says, you can hear beautiful singing voice when the setting sun glows over the western ‘MAZE FOREST’…​

      Oh, POSTMAN WOLFFY is going to deliver mails! Let’s join his way and listen their story. ​

      [Zuzu Delf FRISE - The Apple Grower (Little Red Riding Hood ver.) Limited]

      “ Dearest Grandma WOLFFY

      It’s been a while since I sent you last mail. Is it alright there? I and my brother have spent busy days now.
      Trees bear shiny apples this year, I’ll visit you with a basket of the best apples, sooner of later! ^^* “

      Apple grower FRISE seems to visit her hometown this time from Zuzu City. She always wear red hood when she visit her grandmother.
      But, Grandma WOLFFY must have gone to the hospital of Kitty-Bitty-Vill few days ago… I hope they are all right. ​

      [Zuzu Delf WOLFFY - The Grandma Limited]


      “ Dear Hunter WOLFFY

      Thank you for your guard always.
      My sweety said she will visit me soon, but I missed her on my way…

      Will you hand her my message when she passes by your hut, please? “

      Oh… Grandma WOLFFY is not at home.
      She could leave her house because she trusts our Hunter WOLFFY, reliable guardian of forest. Periodic medical checkup will be finished soon, right?​

      [Zuzu Delf WOLFFY - The Hunter Limited]

      “ Dear Royal Highness, Frog Princess WOLFFY

      I discovered that Your Highness have often visited MYSTIC POND, recently.
      I have warned already, it is dangerous place with wild beast and easy to lost.

      It would be against your interest, I ask you to abstain from visiting such a secluded area. “

      Mailing to MYSTIC POND? Is there anyone who live in such place?

      [Zuzu Delf WOLFFY - THE FROG PRINCESS Limited]


      " Dear Shepherd boy WOLFFY

      How do you feel today. I appreciate your visiting for me even it would be long way.

      Have you stopped ‘CRYING WOLF’?
      It was quite funny to make whole town clamorous though, I am afraid you might be scolded for it.
      How about thinking out other pleasant together, next time.

      Oh, and would you convey my message to Hunter WOLFFY, please? There appears something SPECIAL! (It is secret what appears <3 "

      Frog Princess WOLFFY might come by MYSTIC POND from her castle sometimes.
      Anyway, I’ve ever seen Shepherd WOLFFY got telling-off… I understand why now.
      OK, I will keep it secret to Princess. ​

      [Zuzu Delf WOLFFY - THE SHEPHERD BOY Limited]


      " Dear Pasturer WOLFFY

      I have something to tell you, it’s urgent!
      It's NOT LIE, indeed!!

      When you deliver your milk, can you buy a fishbowl to put a frog and pretty Ribbon for me? I’ll tell you why, PLEASE!! "

      …You selfish Shepherd boy!!
      How dare you ask gift for other lady to girl, even she is your childhood friend!​

      [Zuzu Delf WOLFFY - THE PASTURER Limited]


      "Dear Postman WOLFFY

      Hello, thank you for your service.

      Granfather pasturer WOLFFY went world trip with his grandson, so I should go Zuzu City to delivery milk this time.
      I’m afraid of losing my way. If you don’t mind, can I join your way when you go to Zuzu City, please? "

      Wow, it is mail for me!
      I am going to return to Zuzu City soon, so I’m supposed to tell her right now!
      Meanwhile… why has she written mail to me instead visiting post office? o_o​

    5. Hi, good news for everybody.. new promo-pictures for junior delfs, new senior delfs are up now XD
      it seems that junior delfs will be like more mature MSD dolls huray!
    6. super seniors' pics are also up!
    7. Actually, looking at the measurements, they're more like short SD's tbh. 56cm's is outside of MSD scale I would think.
    8. Yes Junior Delf measurements put them at appox SD10 size.
    9. I have problem getting in the site of Luts, can someone help me please? it said the page wasn't found , I think it's really weird :(
    10. Well Elut's website is working for me. I use IE 7, what about you ?
    11. Eluts.com hasn't been working for a few of us for about 2 weeks now. :( They told me it was a server thing, but it's not happening to everyone, so I'm not sure what's going on!
    12. xredderz>I just checked and it's working for me, did you try to clear your internet browser cache ? (hope that the good name for it...)