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LUTS 2009 Summer Event

May 15, 2009

    1. Thank you for your visiting. :)
      As always, we start 2009 SUMMER EVENT!

      We all did our best to show you beautiful new dolls and special event,
      please enjoy our Summer event in 2009 again. :)

      Please check our EVENT detail.

      1. EVENT PERIOD : 1st June 2009 12:00 p.m. (noon) ~ 7th July 2009 7:00 p.m. (19:00)

      2. Celebration Event for NEW Delf - LUTS Junior Delf!

      * 15% DISCOUNT EVENT for Junior Delf during Event period

      * Numbering for Junior Delf head - limited quantity
      - From the 1st to the 50th manufactured head of each Junior Delf​

      - Carved serial number and creator's sign will be in the head.
      This numbering event is only for Junior Delf which is ordered during 2009 Summer event period.
      - We count 50 amount in order of payment received time.
      - We DO NOT ACCEPT any request about the numbering. ​

      3. We offer special gift for customers who make order over specific amount.

      * Order over $170 : 09 LUTS summer event news booklet (Limited)

      * Order over $250 : 09 Summer Event Head (Senior Delf boy, Real skin normal only) + 09 event booklet
      * For 09 Summer event head, we offer four kinds of make up.

      You can choose one of them, so please write which make up you want when you order make up for 09 Summer event head.
      - We do not count shipping cost and separated orders' price together.
      Event gift is offered only once per a customer. ​

      4. Full Set option (Limited) for new Senior Delf girls and Junior Delf!
      If you make order for new released Senior Delf girls (Grace, Harmony) and Junior Delf (Rigel, Lepus), ​

      it is possible to order each doll's default wig/clothes/shoes set of promotion picture with 10% discounted price.
      - Wig, clothes and shoes are 'a SET' and total price for a set is lower than a total of each items.
      - Only 15 set for SDF girl GRACE and HARMONY and30 set for JDF boy RIGEL and LEPUS respectively. (total 90 set world wide)
      - Each doll's Default FULL SET is offered only for the doll.
      You can not purchase other doll's default full set even though you order SDF girls or JDF.
      -Please beware!
      If the Default FULL SET for SDF girl / JDF is ordered without the doll, the order will be canceled without notice.

      *** NOTE ***

      - Event gift is offered only once per a customer.
      Even though a customer makes several orders, event gift would be offered only once.

      - This event does not include order of other company's dolls. (Bluefairy, Pullip, etc... )

      - Please refer to that quantity of event gift and head is limited, so they could be run out.

      - All time measurement is KOREAN standard time.

      - For Event gift, order and payment should be done by 8th July 2009, 19:00. (7:00 p.m.)
    2. Modification LUTS (2009-05-16 00:26)

      * 16th June

      - Last year, product price of our website was changed because of currency exchange rate changing.

      We offer our Event Gift based on 'Korean won' value, so we fix order price for Event Gift from $300, 200 to $250, 170.

      If you order items over $250, we will offer Event head + Event news booklet.
      If you order items over $170, we will offer 09 Summer Event news booklet.

      We are sorry for the inconvenience about incorrect EVENT information.
      We seek your understanding and we hope you enjoy this event. :)

      Have a nice day!
    3. --Oops. This is not a limited Zuzu Delf. Just the outfit! :'D But you can enjoy the picture. xD;

    4. So yes, clothing only. And only Mati, Papi, and Lio can wear the wig.
    5. Picture of Junior Delf numbering is here~

      It is really beautiful in real, so we asked our creator to carve the special numbering in our own doll's head... ^^;; (and refused T_T haha. )

    6. Hi,
      Do you get the free head by ordering any Luts Doll on the Luts site, or just by ordering the new Junior Delf? I wondered because I am planning to order a Luts Kid Delf next week. Thanks for your time.

      Feel free to move this... I just saw the Discussion thread for this event but missed it before I posted. Sorry.:doh
    7. You don't even have to order a doll to get the head--- any stuff over 250$ :)
    8. Does it mean that we can choose which Senior Delf boy head we want for the event or is it by random? O.o?
    9. You don't get to choose a head for the event, but you get the "Event Head" which is called Summery. There should be pictures of him and his different make up options on the Luts site.