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LUTS 2011 Winter Event

Nov 7, 2011

    1. [ LUTS 2011 WINTER EVENT ]

      Thank you for your visiting always.
      To show our appreciation for all of our dear customers,
      we start 2011 WINTER EVENT soon!
      We all did our best to show you beautiful new dolls and special event, please enjoy your winter with us~!! :D
      Please check our EVENT detail below.


      1. Period : 15th November, 2011 12:00 p.m. ~ 30th December, 2011 12:00 p.m.
      2. Target :Customers who order our dolls and other items during the event period.
      ◈ All CUSTOMERS - LUTS Mobile LCD cleaner
      - Our event gifts are for limited quantity only, it could be run out without notice.
      ◈ Order over $150 - Random Wig
      - You can choose your favourite sized wig / Random color and design :D
      - If you don't choose the size, we will give you it randomly.
      ◈ Order over $250 - Random Shoes or USB drive
      - You can choose your favourite sized shoes / Random color and design :D
      - Our event gifts are for limited quantity only, it could be run out without notice.

      ◈ Order over $300 - 2011 Winter Event Head(compatible with JDF~SSDF size)
      -Skin color option available: Real Skin Normal, Real Skin White
      - We only offer Event Head gift to customers who order over $300.
      - The final price should be over $300 to get event head.
      - If you don't choose color, we will give you Real Skin Normal.
      - If you want make up for event head, you can order make up option between type A and B.
      - If you don't choose make up type(A or B), we will do the make up type A.

      ◈ Order over $600 - 2011 Winter Event Head + 40 store credit
      - We only offer Event Head gift and 40 store credit to customers who order over $600.
      - Our company doll should be included in your order.
      ◈ Order over $1000 - 2010 Winter Event Head + LUTS MYCHOICE

      - Customers who order over $1000 can purchase MYCHOICE.
      - Period : 15th JANUARY 2012 ~ 14th FEBRUARY 2012
      - MYCHOICE can be swapped with 40 store credit.
      - Period : 15th NOVEMBER 2011 ~ 25th NOVEMBER 2011
      - 20% discount for Clothes, Wigs, Shoes.
      ☆ We offer GLASS EYES as a default eyes instead of Acrylic Eyes during event period. ☆

    2. Does this mean if we order CP Delf on November 15th, the order is included in event?
    3. Yes, as long as you order it after 12pm Korean standard time. =)
    4. For the order over $1000 when is the period for this part of the event? It says 15th to 14th of January and I'm pretty sure that's not right. :sweat Can we get some clarification on this?
    5. As I understand, it means that you will get 'Mychoice' if you order over $1000 in event period (15th Nov~ 30th Dec). Then, the 'Mychoice' can be ordered in specific period only (15th Jan ~ 14th Feb). :)
    6. Are these dolls limited or no?
    7. Er, sorry if this is a stupid question but what is 'Mychoice' I don't see it on the luts website.
    8. I think for 'mychoice' you get to choose from a list of dolls that include previous LE's that aren't available for order now. For example, Regen scarred face or Pluto (this was from the tea party's mychoice list). Gotta pay for both the head and the body though!
      Please correct me if I'm mistaken :)
    9. Hi
      Just want to clarify something, if I order over $250 then I get a shoes or a USB. If I want the free wig then I have to order at $150 only. Is that it?

    10. Ignis, Mia and Cinnamon are limited. Yuz, Sherard, and Epi all seem to fall under the unlimited category when you go to their pages.
    11. It says the winter event head is "compatible with JDF~SSDF".
      What body is it on in the pictures?
    12. I'm pretty sure if you qualify for a higher gift you can ask for a lower one instead (in this case, the wig instead of the shoes / usb). You should probably verify that on their Q&A though.
    13. You can get a wig if you order more. It says $150 and up.

      Fishbonez: Thanks for the answer! Do you know if Luts will list the available LE dolls during the event or after? I would love love a Dion but i don't suppose there would be a chance of him being one of the dolls offered.