Limited Items LUTS 2016 Halloween LE dress - Witch Set

Oct 7, 2016

    1. LUTS 2016 Halloween LE dress - Witch Set for Senior Delf & Tiny Delf

      * If you order these items before 10th October, we will ship out these items on 24th Oct.
      You may get them before Halloween! :)


      SDF Witch Set (Pre-Order)


      TDF Little Witch Set (Pre-Order)


      * Sale on 7th October 2016 ~ 7th November 2016
      * Please aware that this item is pre-order item for limited period, so it takes about 45 business days to be shipped.
      * These clothes ordered by 10th Oct are shipped on 24th October. (when the rest of order items are ready-to-ship items)
      The order after 10th Oct & with time-taking items (dolls) will be made as the planned schedule.
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