New Doll LUTS 2018 June new release dolls

May 29, 2018

    1. Do you have a comparison picture of the size of the model delf's centaur body as compared to the kid delf centaur body? I'm curious about the proportions.
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    2. We posted their comparison image in our website -
      Thank you :)

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    3. First of all thank you so much for making Model Delf Centaurs and more Model Delf sculpts! Model Delfs are my favorite line of yours and it is always very exciting to see new sculpts.

      I have a question though. On the Model Delf Centaurs it says

      " * Upper body is available to choose among TYPE 1 and TYPE 2 "

      But there is not an option to select which upper body you want on the order menu. How do you specify which upper body you want?
    4. Can I get senior Delf Jean head on a Delf body?
    5. I would recommend posting the wuestion on their Q&A board. :) I did look and don't see the option under 'my choice' for delf bodies.
    6. Can the KD Pepper head be purchased by itself?
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    7. Unfortunately KDF heads cannot be purchased separately. You'd have to find someone to either do a split or hope they do a head only event again.
    8. When does the free doll carrier event end? I love the Kid Delf Pepper and really want to get the carrier too.
    9. Thank you for your inquiries.
      We changed the CENTAUR upper body and My choice Dolls options.
      Also, unfortunately we don't sell the head separately. Please kindly understand it.
      Lastly, Free carrier event will be ended 12th July 17:00 (KST)
      If you have further inquiry, feel free to contact us.
      Have a nice day!
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