New Doll Luts and Dolk ASTROBOY

Jul 21, 2017

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    1. Can you get him unpainted, and are his eyes removable?
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    2. Is there any website in English?
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    3. I have GOT to show this to my Dad. He's a fan of the original cartoon. But yes, will this doll be Topical for DoA because of the eyes thing?
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    4. It says on the site that there's 2 different eyes and 2 different face plates for 4 combinations. So yes, they are removable! There's also a picture with the face plate off and I see eye putty in there. :3nodding:
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    5. --Mod note--

      This thread is being locked while the mod team reviews ATOM for topicality.
    6. The mod team has decided that ATOM is on topic for DoA.

      Please note, the mod team decided that ATOM is on topic because of the character's unique history that supports multiple interpretations. But, this decision is not to be used as a precedent for decisions on similar dolls in the future.
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