Luts ANI Delf

Dec 16, 2019

    1. Luts just launched a new line called "Ani Delf". They've had "animation" version heads for various sized dolls for a while now, but these have their own section and the two heads can be purchased on 4 different body types: Honey 31 Delf, Tiny 20 Delf, Tiny Delf, and most interestingly Obitsu 11!

      The heads also come with optional neck parts to help attach them to different bodies.

      What do you guys think? I'm interested if this means they're going to do more collaborations with Obitsu, and how people are going to use the neck parts for mods.

    2. They’re pretty cute! I’ve got too many other dolls to pay off first, though
    3. Same, plus I'm trying to stick to vinyl for my anime-esq doll needs. :sweat

      Really interested to see if people can use the neckpieces to mod other tiny bjd heads onto obitsu 11 bodies though...
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    4. I'm also trying to stick to vinyl for my anime dolls but dang those heads look cute on TDF bodies