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[LUTS] Boxing Day Sale 2011

Dec 23, 2011

    1. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!
      It's Boxing Day Sale!!


      1. Boxing Day Sale 2011
      2. 1) Special Sale for Boxing Day
      - 50% discount sale for wigs which are not on sale but we have had a sale.

      2) Layaway for All of LUTS dolls
      - We accept layaway for order including all of LUTS dolls.
      We accept layaway for order including `All of LUTS dolls`, please refer to following guide.

      * LUTS Layaway plan

      - You can order `All of LUTS dolls` with layaway option.
      - Payment is received only paypal
      - You can divide total payment(items + shipping cost) as two or three payment, but not need to be regulary.

      All orders must be over $300.

      2 payment layaway: Please remit 30% first and 70% of total later.
      3 payment layaway: Please remit 30% first and second and last payment would be 40% of total.

      - The first payment have to be sent to us within 7 days since your order, or we will cancel the order.

      - Second/third payment have to be sent to us on due date which you notified.

      - The last layaway payment must be completed by 15th February, 2012.

      - Non refundable deposit is %40 of `item costs`.
      When payment is not confirmed within the following date, we consider the order is canceled and refund less shipping cost and non refundable deposit.

      1st payment: within 7 days since order is made
      2nd, 3rd payment: on due date exactly
      or not confirmed order until 15th February 2012.

      If the order is canceled, we will refund your payment LESS shipping cost and non refundable deposit (40% item cost) immediately without notice.
      We will start manufacturing doll since your first payment, we seek your understanding on this to prevent delaying schedule.

      - We offer layaway service only during 'Boxing day sale period.
      Combined orders or other orders are not offer layaway option.

      * Layaway process - how to

      1. If you want layaway option, please
      write your layaway payment date for second payment in `ORDER REQUEST` box when you make order. Write the due date as `Korean Standard Time`, please.
      2. After making order, please let us know through Q&A board. Please write `ORDERED-`your order number` in the title.
      3. We will send you email invoice with divided payment plan. (If you could not receive our layaway invoice email within 2 days, please contact us!!)
      4. Please make first payment within 3 days since your order. Make 2nd payment on due date you decided.
      After making payment, please write message on Q&A board with title `PAID- `your order number`.
      We do not leave further message after confirm layaway payment.
      5. Your doll is being manufactured since your first payment.
      Your order status would be `
      Incomplete/pending Credit Card` until your last payment is confirmed.
      After last payment is confirmed, your order status will be changed into `
      Money Transfer received`.
      6. Shipping is in order of `
      Money Transfer received` date as soon as the doll is ready.
      Its schedule can be changed with option condition / or if you order other item together.

      3. Period : 26th DEC 2011 12:00PM ~ 30th DEC 2011 15:00PM

      Thank you.