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Luts Breakaway in Stock ^^

Dec 26, 2005

    1. Yup, the BW comes out Jan 2nd 2006 (or maybe Jan 1st for some of us depending on the time they start the sale in Korea). I don't think it's been as much of a mad rush this time round, as its already an hour past the "opening" time and there's still 9 left. :) Tan El, he's down to 2... but I'm not sure how many are offered each time. *goes back to watching*
    2. *Snaps one up* ^____^ *walks off calmly*
    3. I got him! I'm so happy. Did you really get one KeiCai?
    4. I also splurged and got him. XD
    5. I kind of want one, but then again, I really want a Narae, and I have a feeling I only want Breakaway because he's limited, which is never a good reason to buy a doll.

      Still, it's inevitable he'll sell out.
    6. I got one, too, against my better judgement... although I'll have to cancel the order if I don't find someone to buy the vampire head and body. *prays to the dolly gods for a buyer* :lol:

      He's so pretty... oh, I hope I hope I hope. Le sigh. :love

    7. It's so weird, because I'm not a big fan of El, but after seeing those Breakaway owner pictures.. finally realized I have to use him for a larger model. :D Rinlocke will be ashamed. @_@
    8. >> I'm selling off both heads, if you're interested in trying for my awake one. =D
    9. xD Yup. Sitting safely in my Luts account as payment waiting. <3

      But I'm just getting him for the body, as I need one for my upcoming Elf Yders. ^^';;; So I thought some others would like the awake or vampire head. <3
    10. Only 7 left.... Get'em while they're hot. *_*
    11. Aww! I want! I expect that competition would be pretty stiff if you're taking offers, though... and I can't really afford to sink too much into a purchase. :\ If you decide to do direct sale for some ungodly reason, though, I'd love it if you'd keep me in mind! :oops: Thanks for letting me know! :D

    12. Egads! This is evil! T_T I just check and there's still 3 left! This isn't fair.. they're rubbing it in!!
    13. Actually, there are now four left. heh heh heh
    14. Now 2 ;) /watches
    15. Only one left! I'm really tempted to get him... even though I've never been a fan of the body. *_*
    16. Did you get the last, Vi? :P
    17. No, I ordered one before when there were four left a minute ago (there going fast!), but that was because I thought there would be another order confirmation page, and that I wasn't actually placing the order when I hit "ok."

      But now that I ordered him, I really don't want to let go...
    18. Well, look at your own signature. <3
    19. Lol! I think I'm 90% fallling to that temptation... he's especially gorgeous in the new wig pics. *swoon*