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Luts Breakaway Re-Release / New ZuZu Limiteds

Jan 14, 2008

    1. According to this page on Luts, they're about to re-release Breakaway! Oh, my, this should be interesting!

    2. I did a breakaway discussion Here
    3. Is there anyway of knowing how that date translate into American date and time? (I'm in the Mountain Time Zone)
    4. add 14 hours to whatever day and time you are on. Like if it's noon Friday for you, it's 4 am Saturday in Seoul.
    5. They have also said via the Q and A board this one will be different than the 2005. Likely a type 2 head this time around.
    6. Any information on the numbers he's limited to?
    7. Any idea of a possible price/release time? Or if he'll be available in beauty white? I'm doomed... They just had to give him the vampire head and the type 3 body, didn't they. ^^;;