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Luts China Grand Opening Event

Dec 12, 2009

    1. So, Luts is finally opening its Chinese Web Shop to serve mainland China, HK, Taiwan and Southeast Asia.

      Based what is posted the shipping is coming out of Beijin, thus the shipping is expected to be faster.

      You will have to register as an user on this site. Your original user name on eluts.com is not being transferred.

      As grand opening event, all customers who purchased over 2888RMB (about $423 USD) between Dec 14 thru 1/15/2010 will get a chance to win a LE Full Set Azura.

      His pictures are here


      People who make purchase on Luts English or Japanese will not qualify for this lottery.

      Good luck to all - This Azura is cute
    2. Question: Does anyone know if these Azure's will be free prizes like the first release of 30 were? Or will they be offered up for purchase like the Soom Lottery dolls? Basically win the chance to buy. Thanks!
    3. Dybbuk, in the past Luts have given away dolls for free during these events. Winners were drawn randomly from a pool of people that had spent over X amount of dollars.