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LUTS Christmas Event

Dec 5, 2005

    1. From the Notice Board:

      LUTS Christmas Event~~ luts (2005-12-05 )

      Hi lovely every one~~

      Thanks for intereste LUTS.

      We have Christmas Limited Shoes & event(Gift Item) for all customer.

      First, Limited Christmas Shoes

      We sell Limited Christmas Shoes for $22.

      Second, Event Limited Head(Gift item)

      If you buy some items During 1.DEC.2005 ~ 25.DEC.2005.(In KOREA Time)

      Each one order Total amount $470 over, And Payment completed.

      We will give 1 Event Limited Head(Gift item).

      This Head is limited new head. Eyes & Hand parts do not include.

      So, After this event finished, We can not make & sell any more.

      If you want this Head Make-Up,

      Please leave the message on order request box & Pay $50(Make-Up fee) more.

      This Head is Very Special Limited Items,

      Please DO NOT Trade, Thanks for your understanding.

      We can send this event item all random skin type, You can not choice skin type.

      We can wait your order payment only 1 Week.

      If you don't pay your order payment within 1 week(7Days), Your order will cancel.

      Have a nice & happy day~!

      Take this chance~~Enjoy LUTS event~~~(^o^)

      Thanks a lot~ See ya~~!

      From: your friend......Sean
    2. 0_0 What head!?
    3. Wow, a free HEAD with purchase? :o Awesome! I ordered a doll on the 1st and paid, so I guess that means I'll be getting an extra head with my order? It sounds like its retroactive, since today is the 6th I think in Korea and the notice says from the
      1st . . .

      And I bet the Christmas shoes are cute, can't wait to see them!

      What great holiday specials. :)
    4. If I had money I'd make such order and then give the hell to my sister o.o'
    5. Ooh, I'm so upset with my luck. I placed a 470+ order Nov 28th. Damn. XD
      Oh well. Maybe I'll have better luck next time. : D
    6. Head?! Auu I wish we could know what head it was! And by no trading, do you think this means we can't sell them?
    7. As the end-consumer of the product, I don't think they have the legal to right to prevent you from reselling the head.
    8. O_O does this count for non CP items? We just ordered a on Saturday night. @_@;
    9. @___@ Uwaaaaaa~

      I definately think they need to re-release the Breakaway Els at the end of December so I can get this 'limited' head.... o____o'; I think I want to buy a doll now just to get one. x_x';
    10. Wish they specified the size. It's a Delf head, right?

      I still do hope people would appreciate them as gifts from Luts, not just as free stuff to throw on eBay.
    11. Damn...too bad I'm broke.
    12. I'm kinda nervous... o_o; My mom just ordered Hound- do you think this means we'll get the head? @_@; What if I don't like it?
    13. o_o'; If you don't like it... I'd trade it for stuff to me. xD Because I love luts, and I want to buy more of their stuff.... ;_; but it's stuff they haven't come out with yet/put back up! ;___;
    14. :D It is a very generous thing to do. I'm just wondering if I should order or not, because there is the chance that I may not like the head..
    15. HMMM... Maybe you can have the limited head and I can just run off with Winter? XD ROFL. No, seriously- if I get this head and go "EW", I think I'll put it up for 'adoption' on Ebay, for someone who REALLY liked the head and were bummed they couldn't get it. :3
    16. Hmm, it's a nice idea, but what if the head is for a size of doll we don't have, or the wrong skintone for the bodies we have? They can't expect us to keep a head we can't use O_o But like sakuraevolution said, it's yours to do with what you want!
    17. I think they mean by "do not trade"... that you can't exchange it for an item of a similar value.
      No exchanges as it were...

      How fun! I ordered a Tanning El... I was really disappointed to find out he wasn't limited, but it looks like I'll be getting a limited head at least! What fun!!!
    18. Maybe it's a Christmas elf? *hopes beyond hope* XD
    19. I am guessing it might be delf size or the same as the doll you order...really...how many people will buy nearly 500 dollars worth of other stuff?
    20. Do they take the shipping charge as a part of he $470, or do you have to order something worth $470 or more to be qualified? @____@;;