Event LUTS COA Photo Event

May 1, 2018

    1. New photo event going on at LUTS:

      [EVENT] COA Event
      We are truly appreciated your support on latest recast seller issue.
      In return for your love and attention, we planned the certificate event.

      Event period: 5th May (00:00) ~7th May (24:00) 2018, KST

      Target: All customers who purchased our original doll.

      How to:
      1. Take a photo of your certificate card.
      2. Upload the photo on Event board (The event page will be opened later.)
      3. Entry completed!

      * Recast doll can’t enter this event.
      * It is available to entry as number of certificate.
      * If the doll-order history can be checked, the event participation is available.
      (Please inquiry on our Q&A board : Welcome to LUTS - Ball Jointed Dolls (BJD) company)
      *Certificate which won a prize cannot be drawn for the next certificate event.

      First prize: 100 USD coupon for one person
      Second prize: 20 USD coupon for ten persons

      * Lottery Winner announcement & Coupon issue date: 17:00 10th May (THU)
      * Coupon expiration period: until 25th May (Fri)
      * Coupon is issued to only website members
      * Coupon is not replaced as cash or other product
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    2. As the OP isn't a representative of Luts, please post all questions on the Luts Q&A page
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    3. I posted a few questions to their Q&A, and they replied this morning. What they said to do was to post a message on their board (when the event opens) with your order # and the dolls name if you don’t have your COA in hand. I’m thinking that secondhand dolls are fine, too, you would just post the COA and the doll, in that case.