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Luts CP DELF boy body - waist joint ... ?

Jul 7, 2008

    1. A question for owners of the LUTS CP delf 60cm body body ... :sweat
      (EDIT: sorry, typo in the title--I meant to mention it was for DELF boy D: )
      With its low-waist joint, and the lack of a joint higher up on the torso, does this affect posing at all?
      Like, is the constant arched-back (sexbackrly? XDD;; ) a pain, like if you want to have him leaning over or anything?
      I know this makes little sense as I had a hard time phrasing the question, sorry >3>;; I want to buy a Shiwoo but I want to make sure it's exactly what I want before I spend all my money on it, haha. Plus I don't trust myself to mod a waist joint myself anyways >_>;;
      Thanks :aheartbea
    2. I would LOVE to know this too! I've always wondered if not having the chest joint affects the posing.
    3. I have 2 delf bodies and I also had this minor set back in my head but really... IMO, it does not. It may look really arched but it looks very natural to me. My delf bodies are actually my favorites to be honest... If they made a delf body that was slimmer... I would trade my 3 part torso FDoll body for one.
    4. If you're looking for a slouch or for them to be able to actually bend their back, then you'd have a problem. They can still bend over just fine though, and they don't really seem like they're arching their back all the time, they just have very good posture. :lol:

      Personally, I've never had any problems posing any of my Delfs though, and I've never thought, "man, if only they had an upper torso joint!" But I suppose it's really up to the owner. If you're looking for a slouchier doll, then you might want to do a body swap if you really want a Shiwoo. (Just be careful not to get anything too skinny, since Shiwoo has a pretty big noggin. XD)

      And honestly, an upper torso joint doesn't necessarily mean added mobility. There are a lot of dolls with an upper torso joint that still can't slouch. It really only allows them to wiggle a bit.
    5. Well, I don't have a Delf body, but Leeke Gentle bodies have the same low joint. Sometimes I miss the slouching, and another thing that bothers me is the lack of rotating in the torso (there is a bit, but not nearly enough for me). They are beautiful standing, they can bend, just not the way I want - I think this explains why I'm seriously looking for a new body for my Luke.

      I really think this depends on the owners - many of them don't have any problems with the low jointed torso (and honestly, it's much prettier without a joint cutting the chest in half), but some (like me) wish for that additional wiggling room that a higher joint gives.
    6. I've never noticed my Chiwoo looking like his back is arched.

      Can't answer about poseability, however, as I seldom seem to use the body-joints on any of my gang so would have no problem with a one piece torso on any of them in place of the current jointed ones.

    7. Thank you for all the answers ^ ^;;
      I see. Though I probably would like the 'wiggle room', it seems too expensive to buy a body (from another manufacturer) and head (another one I've been eyeing) separate, plus then get all the clothes/accessories from Dollmore--so much shipping XD If other Delf owners don't see a problem with the low waist joint then it should be okay.
    8. Personally, I find the Delf/CP bodies delicious as is, and would hate for that torso to get a chest joint! I find more limitations from the single joints in knees and elbows, but even then, the CP bodies, IMO, are very expressive.

      Why don't you ask someone at the next meet in your area to bring one so you can check it out. There's nothing like in-hand experience to see what you'd think about it.
    9. Mm, so the single-jointed limbs limit posing? In what way, might I ask? :/
    10. Single jointed limbs cannot bend as far as double jointed ones. Double joints have a much larger and more natural range of motion. If you search the forum for posing comparison threads, I'm sure you'll be able to see some good examples of this. :)
    11. Of course, there's always putting coated wires in the arms, or using clever props, cropping and camera angles to do things like have the doll touch his face, fold arms over chest, etc.

      CP bodies even with single joint knees still kneel like troupers, even though, nude, you'll see the void in the thighs, and do lots of sitting motions even though you have to "dislocate" the joint from the socket. But again, cropping can avoid you seeing it in pictures if it bothers you, and to a lot of CP owners, it ceases to be noteworthy on its own.

      And, OTOH, there are some pretty creepy looking double joints out there. I personally can't stand the ones with the "elbow pads/knee pads" (souldoll new body), and think they look worse than some easily disguised (with clothing or cloth or props) out-of-socketry.
    12. A torso joint has its drawbacks too--just ask anyone who's been bitten by a Dollshe!
    13. Oh I agree! I can't stand the Souldoll Double knees!! And Dollmore elbows aren't very pretty either... I don't mind dislocating my doll's joints to get it to take different poses. But I have to say that I was spoiled by my Kid Delf's elbows. Nice looking and oh so very posable.:)