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Luts customer service reveiw.

Feb 20, 2008

    1. Mods feel free to delete if you feel is something that shouldn't be here. but...

      My most recent experience with Luts customer service has compelled me to write a review.

      So here's the story,
      In the first week or January I had sent my Tan El to have his face up touched up. This past monday I had recieved my Tan El, put him back together all that, and I had noticed that His head no longer matches His body.
      After: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v319/theodothian/100_2733.jpg

      When I had contacted them about this, some of the later responses I got were quite rude. They had explained that it was the coating, and I've never seen coating ever turn a doll color before. So I asked how and if there was a way to remove it and I never really got a straight answer. Just that over time It will come off. I asked approximately how long and that question was ignored and this is the response I was given "If you want to do it, you can do it. We don't help you anymore."

      At that point I had voiced that I was extremely saddened and disappointed with their seeming declining quality and customer service. They've now deleted my last few posts and taken to ignoring me. I even asked if it was possible to re-purchase the face up and send the whole doll to make sure it matches.

      I most likely will not be buying from Luts in the future.
    2. eeek! thats a big difference! I'd be upset if that happened to my doll (and if the company treated me that way)
    3. This is about reason #100,000,004 that I'm EXTREMELY happy the MNF moved to Fairyland. I have admired Luts dolls for so long, but there is no way in hell I'll ever take chances buying from them.
    4. right.

      people argue for 'lost in translation' with LUTs, but my god, they are basically just telling you to **** off there, arent they? and deleting your posts is appalling. why do that? what does that achieve? i know these areas arent intended for chat but this really, really saddens me. do they not realise how expensive their dolls are and how much their customers love and care for them? lesson in customer service seriously needed
    5. You guys make me scared... I am planning to purchase a doll from them in a day or two, and I have a lot of things to ask them. My friends who bought their dolls from Dollmore, Domuya and Angel Studio told me that usually dollmakers have very friendly service... but Luts..hmm..
    6. Yeah, as far as I know, LUTS is popular for poor customer services.
      Even worse, LUTS sometimes can ignore customers' problems!
    7. It is true that MSC can turn tan dolls a lighter colour after coating. I've seen tan dolls arrive from Luts with face-ups that look the same.

      Here is Stormlight's Tanned Dark Elf Soo as an example: http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=100616

      I'm sorry that their customer service isn't what it used to be, however.
    8. ;___; oh god Luts..

      I still can't get over how they sent me a CP El that had a cracked neck... a chunk taken out.
      UGH. I paid over 500 dollars for that. Then they have the nerve to raise the prices of their CP boys.. ;___;

      Oh, and the costumer service was pretty bad too, they were like "um but sorry it broke in the shipping", so my boyfriend called them and, well he's chinese and he's so used to horrible broken english, the girl was like "I CAN NOT UNDERSTAND YOUR ENGLISH!" .. @_@; so he talks to her in Chinese/korean mix or something, and she says they don't know any chiense and no one around spoke it, which we both found very weird since they a chinese Q&A..

      ionno, we could just be paranoid too. @_@;
      but still. :(
    9. Edit:
      Okay.. after checking the chiense q&a.. SOMEONE there most definitely can speak chiense..

      @_@ aye.

      ionno though, i dun wanna jump to conclusions.
    10. *Sigh* now, I have less confidence to directly buy something from LUTS.
      Maybe, I should buy them via group order or middle-person.
    11. Oh No:o From what I've read on different threads I think there are more people who had an "OK" experience then a terrible one. But the bad ones sound pretty bad.
      How long does it take for luts to receive a wire transfer? I asked them why I'd not gotten an email conferming my order and they said I would after I paid them. I did pay them three days ago. They have not emailed me and my order info still says "payment pending". I don't want my order to get cancelled and I want to know what happened to my money.

      (I am sorry if this is in the wrong place)
    12. It's kinda odd he had a luts face up before and it was nothing like that o.o Even before all the abuse he took at a meet/ from my brother o.o
    13. I recently bought a clothing set from Luts and it arrived very fast and in great condition. I am so sorry to hear about all the problems people are having when ordering dolls and even small items!

      Maybe they've gotten too big and have too little manpower for the amount of orders they get. They should emulate Dollmore and improve their customer service if they want to remain a top doll seller.
    14. International wires take upto 3-4 days to get to their destination; depending on what bank you used and what bank it needs to go to.

    15. Ok, thanks. Hopefully they just need another day or two and everything will be alright.
      The other companies did use a different bank.
    16. That is kinda scary, I really do love luts products!!! But they had been rude to me, when I had asked them simple shipping questions on there q/a board
    17. I've written them on a few occasions and either my email bounces back or I just never receive an answer. Which is a shame because other BJD companies refer me to them. I'm glad I caught this post because it's assuring.

      As for your doll, that is just horrible. And what I think is worse is that you paid the initial price for the doll then you paid them additional money for a faceup then even more money including shipping charges to re-do a face and they destroyed it. That second picture looks like a vinyl head.

      I wish you luck in finding a way to fix your doll.

    18. They've never been any good about answering emails... You're best bet is to post on the Q&A board. They're better about answering those.
    19. I own a tanning DES, and it is true that the coating makes faces look 'lighter'. Do not worry, it is just the protective coat, and it 'tempers' after some time, you don't have to worry.
      About their customer servide, it is a shit. They thend to 'forget' questions, do not reply emails and basically never say anything. If no tfor the great charm of the dolls of Cerberus Project, they wouldn't have gone anywhere. It is such a shame.