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Luts Customer Survey and Lottery

Oct 8, 2008

    1. Haven't seen this posted yet:
      Luts customer questionnaire, lottery, and Customer Guide update:

      1. Customer satisfaction questionnaire

      Thank you for your suggestions and opinion always.
      To collect more opinion and your needs, we have plan to take customer satisfaction questionnaire.

      Please join and take lottery prize! :)

      *Period : 15th Oct. ~ 15th Nov. 2008

      * You can join the questionnaire with clicking the picture - beside main photo of TAFFY/PUDDING dreaming -.

      * Lottery prize is small goods. They will be opened later.

      * To take a ticket for lottery, please enter your member ID of our site at the end of questionnaire.

      * One person can join this questionnaire only once. It is to keep accuracy and prevent doubled answer.

      2. Renewal of 'CUSTOMER GUIDE'!

      About order, payment, shipping process and A/S rule, you can find information in 'customer guide -under the customer service menu'.

      Especially, policy about combine shipping and order A/S was updated currently, so please check it! :)

      Thank you for your support always.
      Have a nice day!