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Luts Cutie Delf Discussion part 1

Feb 17, 2005

    1. Could anyone who has one tell me what size clothes they wear? Also, can they wear the same size clothes as a Petite Ai? I'm interested in both of these dolls, but I'm curious if the Delf doll can wear the same size clothes as the Petite Ai so they can share? hehe

      Thanks! :)

      ....Mod Notes....

      This is a discussion for Luts Cutie Delf.

      Cutie Delf were originally produced by Cerberus Project (sold through eLuts) but they were discontinued. So they're only available second hand right now.

      Cutie Delf Discussion part 1:
    2. My Cutie Delf Kori is a tad smaller than the my Petit Gabriel Khloe. AnnEstelle's clothes are a smidgen big on Kori and a smidgen small on Khloe.

      Did you see my pics in the Gallery of Kori?? :D

      Hope this helps you :daisy
    3. Well..Petit Gabriel's height is 30cm and cutie is smaller than her.(23cm or something)
      but I heard that Cutie Delf's wig would fit petit. I'm planning to buy one. :roll:
    4. Here's my Kori in an outfit made for the AnnEstelle Tonner dolls (from ebay). It fits great!

      With her sister Kricket (DoD Leya)

      Her fairy skirt is 2 hair scrunchies!! LOL

      One of my favorite dollies!! :chibi :D
    5. just wondering what size cutie delfs take in wigs. i'm guessing kid delfs are around a 7/8 and cuties would be a 6/7? please halp. thankies.
    6. luts quoted 18cm girth of head O_O;;;;;;;
      quoted from someone who owns Petite Ai, Cutie Delf and Leeke Doll, wigs can be shared between those three and wigs of SDC Volks and Leeke Doll (of Leeke) fits the best...

    7. I've also discovered that the Ajumapama wigs for Sharmin fit. :) You might need some double sided tape, since a lot of them are heavy.
    8. If you purchase your Cutie Delf a wig through Luts, you'll get a Tallina's size 7 wig.
      I did.

      Now, lucky me, I have also an SDC Kurenai, and a pair of DoD's, who also take size 7.

      They're all sharing all the wigs.
      SDC Kurenai looks cuter in one of CD Mary's wigs than in her default.

      The Volks wig looks fine on the little one & the DoD's.

      The fluffy DoD wig turns the Cutie Delf absolutely into a hobbit & is adorable. The other DoD wigs fit fine, but their styles are not as cute.

      Ann in CT
    9. Clothes made for Tonner Doll's 10" Ann Estelle fit the Cutie Delf perfectly - both clothes and shoes. Also, clothes made for Kish Bitty Bethany fit perfectly, again, both clothes and shoes. There are lots of sellers on eBay for these two dolls.

    10. someone pointed me towards Ann Estelle 10" dolls and kish bitty bethany dolls. their dresses and shoes fit cutie delfs... you can find lots of them on ebay!

      You can also try kemperdolls.com... their 50 mm shoes should fit cute delfs but ihave yet to see for myself!
    11. Wigs--look at the threads on the Tiny & Mini forums regarding wigs: they take a size 6-7 or 7" wig, as are worn by DoD dolls, Volks SDC (at least the girls), Leekeworld (Sweet, Honey, etc.), and some other dolls that I'm forgetting.

      My CD Mary looks better in SDC Kurenai's wig that the orignal doll, and fine in the DoD (6-7 or 7) wigs, ditto the Luts wigs for CD (more than one brand on Luts, but not well distinguished), and a little swimmy in most regular MSD sized wigs (7-8 ). The Poshdoll MSD wigs are fine, too, thanks to their elastic rims.

      Ann in CT
      too many wigs, but at least all the littler dolls take the same size. *_* :daisy
    12. My cutie delf and sharmin wear the same size wigs, size 6/7. size 7 is too large on cutie delf and sharmin. :)

      Hope that helps.
    13. I've heard the leekeworld wigs fit, the ones for the little leeke todler dolls, but have not tried them myself.

      Definately DoD wigs fit the Cutie Delf, Tallina's in sized 7, Volks SDC wigs, at least those for the girls, and Playhouse 6/7.

      Oh, and Poshdolls MSD sized wigs, because of the lovely elastic.

      The longest DoD wigs work pretty well if your Cutie Delf is Rapunzel. :grin:

      Ann in CT
      owns too many wigs *_*
    14. Hello!
      I was wondering if cutie delfs can wear Leeke Doll sized clothes? I saw some on Ajumapama site that I like, but they are for Leeke Dolls.

      I know they can wear Petit Custom House sized clohtes, anyone recommend other places I can find clothes for Cutie delf?

      ~Thank you. :grin:
    15. Well, if you're getting a boy, or a girl that doesn't mind boyish clothes, Cutie Delfs can wear Ken (as in Barbie) shirts, and pants. On my petites, the pants don't fasten over their fat bottoms, but the shirts cover it up. I would assume Cutie Delfs would be the same.

      If you're getting a girl, they can wear 10" Ann Estelle clothes.

      Sadly, I have to admit that the places to get clothes for dolls this size are few and limited. ~_~ Sorry if this wasn't much help!
    16. I think they can fit
      there might only be 1 cm in it ?
      Im sure I compared sizes (or it might have been Luts Cory ) Luts have fab shoes ! for theur size :o)
      I have Leeke on their way and hope to be making fashions to fit them very soon !
    17. :? Could someone please tell me if there are places that also sell clothes that would fit Cutie Delf Cory? What sizes should I look for or what dolls would compare in size? Thanx!
    18. Hi sweetie I have been selling them ...but I have sold out at the momment
      I found they can share clothes with Leeke , they are similar in size ...Cory is a little stockier . but shoes they cant ,Leeke has a narrower foot , but I think the AI foot is the same size ...I cant try at the momment as my Mom has adopted my Cory
      I dont collect any other dolls so dont know if anything else would fit ...but Im sure someone will say :grin:
    19. Thanx so much! Please let me know when you are restocked!
    20. Clothes for the 10 inch tall Anne Estelle and friends dolls seem to fit cute delf pretty well. I don't have either doll to try it, but I've seen pictures and they look adorable. If you want oys clothes, there will only be a couple things suited for a boy in the Anne Estelle line, but they have some cute things.