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Luts Delf body quality difference?

Aug 8, 2006

    1. i recently got my (previously-floating) yder head a body, and i've just noticed that it actually FEELS different from my el's body. i got my el in april-may. my el is heavier and the resin (i hand-weighed the arms) seems denser than my yder's body. the newer body feels more plasticky (like the plastic some cheap toys are made of--that kind of feel).

      i've heard somewhere that this newer body is more succeptible to damage/breakage? is this true?

      can you all tell me more about this odd new body?
    2. Wow, I can't tell you anything about the new body, but dang. That's kinda scary!
    3. O_O Oh man that is scary. Do you have pictures?
    4. ohhh! i hope not... i also have a floating elf yder head and i don't want a cheap looking body!!! my lishe is from jan/feb and she's a good quality and heavy as hell!!! i'll definately be keeping an eye on this thread!!! please post pics if you can!!!
    5. I know my mini fee body was so much lighter than my kid delf one! But the resin appeared the same, it was just a lot more hollow on the inside. :/
    6. O_O Oh noes!!! I hope not, I need to keep a diligant eye on this thred
    7. Nefla: it's not so much the look as the feel of the body. it looks quite the same, although i personally think there's a slight tone difference between ym 2 boys, but really, it's not noticeable.

      my yder's body just feels really plastic-like, and light. and so much less dense than my el.

      do you think i should ask LUTS about it?
    8. Yes, I would ask LUTS. If they're downgrading the quality of their resin, shouldn't the price reflect that? I would be very disappointed to hear that they're using cheaper resin, especially since they just bumped the price up on all of their dolls a few months ago.
    9. oh no...this has me a bit worried because im thinking of ordreing a shiwoo here in a week or two....
    10. My Mooon's body that I got just a couple weeks ago feels a lot lighter than my friend's El she's had for months. I was worried it was more fragile as well at first because it really does feel 20-30% lighter. When I took him apart for sanding/sueding and was handling the individual pieces though they still feel really solid. I never got the impression of a cheap plastic, it still felt sturdy to me. Maybe you got a batch of resin with slightly too much filler mixed in? I can't imagine they'd let something like that by though.
    11. OK- I have an El ordered in december.... he is very heavy.

      My Yder, ordered in may (old style body) is much lighter but just as durable, and also feels decent- not cheap....

      I don;t know about teh new style bodies, but it looks to me like Luts has changed the density of the resin they use. Dollshe did it ages ago, and all it really affects is the weight of the dolls. My Yder, Shaun, has taken many more tumbles than my El, Mikos, and he is completely unharmed- if he was less durable, then he would have broken by now.
    12. jinnai: what's filler??

      guide: that makes me feel a LOT better. thanks. my main concern was whether the change would affect durability of the resin. (although i wish he WAS a bit heavier...it's more fun to hug him :x)
    13. Filling compound is both a way to change the density of a casting plastic as well as lower costs. Hollow filler makes plastics lighter, solid filler makes them heaver. I've only worked with them when doing prop construction to make it more the weight of the actual item being cast. Done in small amounts it has no affect on the appearance or durability of the final product. I'm betting in this case they just have moved to an entirely different resin.

      Density doesn't have anything to do with durability though. Usually lighter plastics tend to be more flexible, but how brittle they are is a property of the plastic used, not the weight or density. Sorry if it got a little technical, casting and molding is something I've done for a few years now and my brand spanking new (he arrived one week ago!) Moon seems solid to me. 8)
    14. does he feel different to you, your moon, that is. because even with the weight issue aside, my yder's body has a different texture. xar is...smoother? he still has texture, but i think xar's texture is finer. or something. x.x i think maybe they DID just change the resin entirely.
    15. I don't know about texture, they've both been sanded to get rid of the unsightly seams. So they're rather smooth, but not to the point of being shiny. (320 sandpaper for the rough stuff and buff it down with 600 grain!) To be honest though I think a lighter doll is what they were going for. Makes them a lot easier to carry around for any length of time. I don't dare do any stress tests though to know for certain which is more durable. :o But I'd still not recommend dropping any of em if you can help it.
    16. I got my El in Feb and other than one volks doll he is impossibly heavyer than another other Delf I've ever held. He's even handweighed heavyer than a hound! >,< I've heald several other Els new and old and Normal skin and BWs and He is heavyer than them all.

      So i was wondering the same things. My friends el was ordered the same time as mine and is a NS, and he's MUCH lighter than mine...

      I dunno.. This had me worried.. And sadly Im not getting my next full sized EL untill mid next year so I cant compair two BWs..

      so yeah... >,< I hope their not downgrading the resin.. Gah...

    17. Just for the sake of curiosity, I went around and did a quick hand-weight comparison on a couple of the CP guys here at Turtle House, since we've got several different "vintages" of bods between the lot of them...

      By far the heaviest one is Teacup, my Elf Shiwoo... His bod is several years old and the "old NS" resin.

      The lightest one is Nightengale's bod. That one was made in late April or early May of this year. It's also the one that has the light spiderwebing and odd lateral flaws in the resin of the arms.

      The MNF Shiwoo Pups (ordered in June) and my Moon (who arrived about two weeks ago-) *do* have a different texture than the others. It feels a little rougher and slightly grainy, for lack of a better word. The others are all smoother.

      The gal bods are interesting... Daisy's is a Type 1 and Sannru's is a Type 2. Both are fairly recently made. They're a lot lighter than any of the guys. More than just size can account for. I haven't had a chance to handle many other Delf gals though, so I don't know if that's a resin thing or a construction thing...

      Also, just for reference... I don't think Luts is the only company that's done a resin change, if that's the cause of the weight difference. My Hound, Seimei, who came from Tensiya in June is a *lot* lighter than Leeda's Carus, who's about a year old. Seimei doesn't weigh any more than Harumatsu. 0_o
    18. My whiteskin Chiwoo (Jan '06) is heavy, even feels a bit heavier than my normalskin Woosoo (summer '05.) My normalskin Miyu (April 06) feels, like Brightfires said, lighter than just the size difference would seem to account for - I've handled all the dolls in pieces, and my Miyu seems less dense and more plasticky-feeling.
    19. I know right, this is odd, if they are going to downgrade the product they need to down grade the price... they are using amercian logic, give us cheaper stuff for not so cheaper prices.
    20. I've recieved in my home a friend's Miyu to paint. She definetly feels way different than my elf Lishe, Miyu is way lighter, and as described above, more 'plastic-like'. I was surprised on how light (and extremely ubber-white) she is.