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Luts Delf Boy - Moon

Apr 15, 2006

    1. He's hot, ne? X3 I don't think he'd be as much as the Delf Arts, because he's not as limited. I'd guess around $800?
    2. i lovethat wig >.>
      no clue as to cost.... but $800 would be the lowest i'd expect
    3. My WAG is that he may be close to the same price as Cyber Bohemian Shiwoo. If you figure the doll is $540, faceup $55, plus add in the cost for wig, outfit, and boots, you can get close to the price of CB Shiwoo. That's what I'm hoping the upper limit is, anyway! :)

      At any rate, I really like the face mold, and even if I'm not lucky enough to get the full set version, I may get the basic version when available, as he would make a good companion for Saint-Germain.

    4. He looks like Gackt on speed and with slightly less plastic content... I'm sure he's very lovely, but I'm not so keen myself. XD

      I was thinking maybe around the $800 mark? But who knows... the Count was very expensive.. but I suppose The Moon is a different kettle of fish :?