Luts Delf: Dark Elf Soo and Angel Elf Soo - Whats The Difference?

Feb 15, 2005

    1. I've noticed there are two versions of Elf Soo but I never really knew the difference. Is it their body type? Skin tone? Face?

      Thanks for any responses!
    2. The head molds are different. They both have different default faceups too.
    3. As their names imply, Dark Elf Soo has a more serious look with a longer face and Angel Elf Soo has a much more innocent look with rounder eyes. Their default hands are different.
    4. The head sculpts vary slightly. They are different in the chin, lips, tilt of eyes, and hand sculpts.

      I remember someone once asked this question on the Luts Q&A board and the response was that the differences were much more apparent when the dolls were placed side by side. Guess it's hard to tell from the pictures though!
    5. Really? Looking at the pics, I think it's rather easy.

      DES has a more, exotic..mature look to her face. I suppose seductive works as well. Whereas Angel Soo has a softer look. Her pic also seems to give her slightly rounder cheeks.

      Guess you could sum it up as DES = naughty AS = nice
    6. I was wondering if anyone knows the differences between the Soo dark elf and the Soo angel elf? I know that her hands are different but I don't know other than that. Could anyone help me out?
    7. hmmmm.... well I might be stating the obvious here, but their faces are different. And they may have different bodies - one a lishe and the other a soo - but don't quote me on that. Anyone?

      In any case, their faces are quite different.
    8. I may be wrong, as I don't own either doll, but judging from the pictures on Luts website, it looks like AES has a smiling mouth, whereas DES's mouth is set in a straighter, sober line.

      ^_^;; Does that help at all?
    9. They have the same bodies, but yes their faces are different. Angel Elf has a more round and sweet face whereas Dark Elf has a more angular face. Angel has more wide and innocent looking eyes too. You can see them together in this post.

      Hope that helps!
    10. I thought they had the same face sculpt, just a different face up... its still the Soo elf head isn't it?
    11. Their eyes and mouths are different from the pictures I've seen. Angel Elf Soo is closer to a closed mouth Soo. Dark Elf Soo's eyes are more pointed and angled up more at the outer corners.
    12. Yup, the biggest difference that I've noticed is DES' eyes being tilted upward, for a more 'angry' look.