Luts Delf Discussion - thread 2

Jul 16, 2014

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    1. Grats on your Claus~~ He's so gorgeous, no? Dunno why he isn't that popular v_v

      My baby Jace has a new faceup, much manlier than I had before. (RSN Aragorn... named before they released limited Jace)
      [​IMG]Jace by udontease, on Flickr

      Still wondering if anyone's found the Aragorn database ;A;
    2. Aw lookit us with our shiny new thread!

      Congrats on your new boy Youpla! I love Claus, there needs to be more!
    3. candy_coated Thank you !! Your Jace is cuute :) Its difficult to find pictures of Delf... Dont know why, they are very beautiful and poses nicely !

      VampireAngel13 Thank you !! I open a new thread with my hairless boy xD
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    4. Yeah, the new Delfs were the first full SD dolls I got and they got me hooked. Love my Claus and Aragorn and it's so hard to for me to find male bodies with the same graceful lines as them. v_v

    5. XD I can't think of a better way to open a new thread! I meant to ask, is that the default face up on him? It looks nicer than the one mine came with...

      I kind of wonder if the New Delfs are still too new to really be super-popular yet? I know it's been a few years, but maybe? I probably wouldn't have one if I hadn't gotten my Claus in a trade...they just weren't something I'd looked at seriously. I love the Luts version of this body though. I'd owned the type 1 and 2 CP Delf boy bodies and just couldn't deal with them (the type 1 girl body isn't giving me any problems though). The type 4 is perfect! I haven't had trouble with her since I pieced her together! She's not kicky at all!

      Dug up some old spam of Jeanie for the new thread. I ordered her a new wig and she's in the middle of getting a (hopefully) fabulous dress. Which will mean new pics.

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    6. VampireAngel13 Yes its the company make-up, dont know yet if I keep this make-up but he is beautiful :)

      I love the lips of Jeanie ! another pic soon with that dress ? :D
    7. It looks really nice, so at he will be gorgeous while you decide if you're keeping that face up or not!

      Jean's dress is still just in the planning stages now, BUT her new wig came today! :D I love it so much! I'll have to try and get pictures of it Saturday. I'm so excited about it!!

      Plague ~ yay more Claus! He's lovely.

      Ninjy ~ great face up! And I love that wig!
    8. Nocturne (Jace) for the new thread...


      ... And, I... may have just ordered a Joe!
    9. All of your dolls look so cute! :D I'm not sure why this line isn't more popular either - all of their dolls are so cute!

      My Nina doesn't have a face up yet (she's being sent to a face up artist next month) but here's a preview picture of her blank. :D I'm so excited to have her that I can't stop sharing her to everyone I know.

      A Cordial Meeting by Kalhirst, on Flickr
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    10. Finally made the Aragorn database since I've been feeling so sad he doesn't have any. Y no love for this cutie ;A;
    11. Thank you~! Xhanthi did a wonderful job on it ;A; I couldn't be more happy~! Yus! The wig is love. ;A; No other wig will go on his head... again... >.>
      As always, I love seeing your Claus *A* Can't wait to see her in her new wig~!

      Oh~! Thank you for doing that~! I'll have to take some time this week to add my Yue~!
    12. She is really beautiful ! I want to see her with her face-up ^^
    13. Has anyone ordered a Delf Ann yet? I completely fell in love with her and since I need a SD girl she's going to be my next purchase. I got sucked into their new limiteds so it'll be a bit before I can get her.
    14. Humm dont think so.. She is a new release and with the delay of production.. I would like to see her with a custom face-up :-)
    15. can't wait to see pics of her and joe *=*
    16. Hello all~ I'm popping in the new delf thread now that my light tan Aragorn will be coming home soonishly (I'm assuming within the next couple weeks) :3 He's off getting a face-up right now, but everything for him has arrived home and I can't wait to dress him up! I originally wanted two Aragorn's to make twins... and sometimes I still think about it. He's just too cute! ; - ;
    17. Oooo! Shiny new thread! And I have a question to ask. If I want to buy clothes for the luts delf boy type 4 body from Sadol, do I pick the luts delf option or the SD9 option? Because the luts delf option could be referring to the older delf bodies and if I'm not wrong, the older delf bodies are larger? Sorry if this is a silly question.
    18. The new Delf bodies are pretty much the same as the old ones, so Delf is still the best option! :3