Luts Delf Tan Dark Elf Soo Discussion

May 17, 2006

    1. Gawd, she's looking so hawt! D:
    2. Thank god I told myself no big dolls DDD:
      (but god shes pretty ; ;.)
    3. eek! I love her! And her outfit really is extremely cool
    4. Oh why Luts must you taunt me so?! ;o; I think I want her too!
    5. more tanning dolls.... will there be a woosoo :D
    6. They changed the body? She defintiely has a low waist joint like the boys or the mini fee. Have they said anything about phasing out the other body style and using this one instead? I actually think I like the old body better.
    7. Does anyone know when she will be released?
    8. ohhh f***ck... she is hot O.O
    9. Yeah, Ardi, how did you get those pictures? I want to learn how to spy! :-D
    10. I think they are from the Korean site. I know they had tanning Shiwoo pictures early, but I haven't actually looked to see if that have tan DES.

      *Edit* nevermind, they don't seem to have tan DES there either. So no idea where they are from. Share your sources Ardi ;)
    11. OMG! And here I was thinking about 2 days ago what a great drow a tanned DES would make.. and now Luts TEMPTS ME WITH HER!
    12. I am NOT HAPPY about the new body!! I hope they don't make all the girls have this! It's just as well, I guess... I am trying so hard not to want any more big girls, and this... well, this will do it for me. I don't want that waist jointed body.
    13. I like this new body, very sexy.
    14. Ditto. :( I am dreading a release of tan miyu but if she is sold with this joint it will be much easier to save my money!
    15. I agree. I like the body with the joint by the rib cage much better. I have a feeling that any new girls will be released with this body though. Maybe if enough people give negative feedback to it they will consider going back to the old one. The new body isn't bad, but I just like the onld one so much better.
    16. I like the new body. @[email protected]
      Of course, I only like it because I'd want to mod it and make it a short boy. >_>
    17. Oh no.... this can't be true >_<. I don't like it either! I've been looking for dark elf soo tanning since I saw the prototype, but this... is really disappointing
    18. I like the new body type. :D I think it lookd sexier than the old one. I do hope when tan Miyu (if ever) release she will have this body.