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Luts Delf - What color is your normal skin ?

Aug 16, 2007

    1. I know Luts CP resin tone varies quite a bit--I received a Lishe about a year ago and she was quite orangey. Obviously orange compared to any other doll I've ever owned or seen--Volks, Elfdoll, DOD, Customhouse, Musedoll, DIM, Soom, and others.

      I traded her body for a smaller busted one that was older and she was much lighter in skin tone (although she was blushed quite orangey so I think the head that went with her was newer, and orange) I ended up blushing my head paler to match the old body--which I cleaned up and restored to a lovely creamy color. This must be the old Luts normal. I have tried to find a used larger bust one and no such luck!

      Is orangish still the regular normal skin tone?

      I'm thinking of ordering a Lishe again, and maybe going for beauty white if the resin is still so orange.

      Anyone have a new real skin doll? How do you like it? I like little Aru.
    2. I have never gotten an orangey doll from Luts, all of mine have been on the pinky side. I have Abadon in the real skin and I found it to be very yellow at first. I have gotten used to it now! He looks great once he's dressed!
    3. the newest Luts doll I saw IRL - a MNF Lishe ordered on the 15 of June and received a few days ago - was more on the pink side. I don´t think they do the "orangish thing" anymore ;)
    4. Oh lord... resin-matching Luts NS. :doh

      I had a couple of Lishe heads from a year or so ago, ordered at different times. The first one has ever the slightest olive tone to it, and was almost a perfect match for the Dollfie Dream II body that was to be its home. The second was hewn from a boiled ham, from the looks of it. :) Very pink. I got an El head about a month back-- this one was very, very close to Volks NS, only a teeny bit more peachy. Really not enough of a difference to be noticeable.

      Long story short, I don't know that Luts has decided on a "normal" skin tone yet. Based on my most recent experience, they're close to the Volks skintone.
    5. Thanks windspiel. Pink is fine with me, it usually mellows well too. Good to hear they're no longer doing the orange. Lishe is really speaking to me again and I'm seriously thinking beauty white this time. I've never had a white doll and I'd love a white Lishe.

      Nancy--you have Abadon! I'd love to see him, I really like this guy. Would you happen to know if this is close to Volks pureskin?

      Thanks for your input--now to decide who to save up for first. I like the little Aru, and think she'd have a little more pizazz with a different faceup and I've always adored Shushu.
    6. Less than a year ago I got a Soony. She was quite peachy! Too peachy for my taste. After that I got two MNFees and let me tell you in general MNF dolls in normal skin match the DOD resin and many people were buying MNF bodies to place DOD heads on them before DOT releases the mature body for their minies. So the resin colour for MNFees is quite diffrent from the resin that is used for the larger delfs. Keep that in mind before buying any doll.
    7. There are some pictures of Abadon at the Harry Potter meet in Monrovia. He is wearing a light green T-shirt with embroidery on the front.


      I really don't have pictures of him yet! Some people have said the real skin is close to Volks pure skin, but others say the color varies from batch to batch!

      I'll try to get some pictures this weekend, but my weekends frequently don't go as planned!
    8. Nancy, thanks for the meetup pix--many wonderful dolls and I see what you mean about Abadon and his golden glow, but I like it. He's my favorite of the Luts guys as I like the taller men.

      Wotan, Yeah, CPLuts is not the same from batch to batch--I wonder why? So you got an olive shade? How delightful. I've seen Luts beauty green before. Well, that's what pastels and Mr. Super clear are for. Boiled ham-what a visual. One should pray before ordering I guess--consult the color Gods at CP.

      darkangelxix, Thanks for the info on the minifees. I had a Shall and unfortunately she went to a new home along with almost everyone else. (car accident--don't ever get into one in Texas!) She was pinky pink, but pale, when I got her and over time she mellowed to the most gorgeous color. I have my eye on the Shushu set with the sleeping head. Sounds like your Soony was a sister to my Lishe--very peach, well, orange.

      Things are looking up finally, and I'm back into the dollies.
    9. My Nanuri girl (just delivered yesterday, how's that for recent) is far darker than even the MNF she came with :sweat It doesn't show up as bright in photos, but she's a very, very bright peach-running into orange. I may go buy some light pastels and blush her entire body down to a lighter shade... something I didn't intend doing, but it may be worth it :sweat
      She looks peach when compared with my DZ mini, but really bright orange next to the very pale DOD resin :sweat I kinda wish I'd got a BW now... :doh
    10. HI.

      I bought this older Soo special head, and it prety dark in skin tone, what body
      could I use for her ? I really don't want a luts body, its so expensive.

    11. I bought my NS doll in December 07 and he was pretty orange for the first few months. I sort of left him alone for a few months before he turned a nice peachy color. I hope its better since then. I haven't bought from Luts in a while.

      Lisaastrup did you try the Fantasy doll normal skin body? Try that, I'm not sure if its going to be close but I hear its a pretty good match for most CP/ LUTS NS heads.
    12. Well let's see. My Lishe I got maybe about 6 months ago now (took a while to get him sorted...)


      Thats what he pretty much looks like IRL.

      Realskin is very very pale imo. And other people have commented on this too. My Realskin girl body (senior delf) is very pale. (but thus matches minimee very well) So is more pale than volks I think. Volks more yellow?


      (Head is minimee but can tell its very good match, very hard not to overexpose so pale and bright XD)


      Realskin Aru in normal light