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Luts Delf X-MAS EVENT 2007 Juri Type A & B

Dec 4, 2007

    1. Thought I would start a fresh thread for these two. :)

      I personly do not like the girl head at all, but I am going to try and get the boy head. And then open his eyes... I don't need another sleepy boy, but he looks so much like the Elf Moon I wanted!!!
    2. Lol, thanks for posting the pictures. I got all excited and forgot. :sweat
    3. I dont think he has vamp teeth, but I think the girl may have, if you look at her lip, may just be hint...
    4. I think the girl has vampire teeth. I'm a little sad, I just ordered my zuzu two days ago and missed these heads. I actually rather like the girl mold. Oh well, perhaps next time.
    5. ::looks:: I dont see them, but my monitor is ancient... :sweat

      She really looks more like a Feeple girl... I know the companies are releated, but each has until now had there own feel to them.

      I hope you get to pick the head you want, or they base it on the stuff you buy.. like if you buy more boy stuff you get the type A head. That way if my husband wants the Moon knockoff type A head, then we can just pick up a body and call it a day.
    6. theyre both stunning! but i wont be ordering until the new year. oh well, i dont think id have a character for either anyway

      but definately my fave of all the juri's
    7. Man, Type A is a perfect Elf Moon ;0;
    8. Hum... I already found NANURI and LU-WEN to be very FeePle style. I would prefeer if they kept clearly separated styles but at the moment it doesn't seems likely.
    9. For once I like a Juri head 0_0;;; !! I think the girl would make a nice boy.... :XD:
    10. I don't really like them, so I don't regret having ordered my stuff earlier ^^;

      I don't think it looks like she has got any teeth, would be a little odd for a christmas event, wouldn't it?

    11. WAAAAAHHHH MON ;_;
    12. Waah indeed! OUR TWINS! ;~;
    13. ;____;


      I really hope all the realskin dolls are exluded from the Juri heads, so I won't hate myself.

      But really, I was panicked because it was saying there was only 3 Borys left when I ordered him, and I was afraid he'd go out of stock until like...the event was over or something.

    14. Wow, a Juri head I actually like but that may be because the male head looks a lot like Moon. The girl looks a bit like a guy in drag. >_>
    15. She does look like a guy. I don't really care for her, but she has potential.

      I'm dying to know if you can choose, or how you can get one though.
    16. I dont see no teeth :sweat
      They are loevely. I like the boy more, seems like the girls face-up is putting me off her more than anything ;D
      And yes he way looks like a Moon @_@.
      Hmm don't think I really really want any of them but they are lovelies ;D I'll probably waiting till owner pics ^^
    17. Is that Juri? I would have sworn it's a Nanuri head....
      Mmmm no my bad the lips are different but the eyes look similar...
      Crap I want him... I hope the conditions to get him haven't changed.
    18. the boy is obviously a moon, but i cant place the girl mold, i wanna say it looks like a lu-wen but iunno waaauugghh

      thank god i dont like either of them /pet her juri 06 e__e
    19. I really like the B-version. ...I don't like those make-ups. I hope that I could get one after christmas, because he's (It looks more he than she to me) quite perfect for one of my characters. Lovely eyes and lips are pretty :3
      A-version...too much jaw for meh >__>
    20. The girl version looks like a modified Yder. o_O And yeah, that is definitely Elf Moon!