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Luts Discontinuing their Tan Delf

Jan 20, 2008

    1. So, I was just checking the site to look for my next doll when I noticed that the Tannning dolls are no longer there.

      - Were they limited and I just didn't notice it?
      - Did they make a notice about it? I looked but I didn't see anything.
      - Are they returning with any other dolls tanned or is this it?

      My first doll was the Tanning Lishe so, I'm just wondering

      I sincerely hope there isn't a thread on this. I was just curios about it and such. I did look but not as thoroughly as I could have.
    2. They posted a notice, sometime during last summer, about not restocking their tan dolls anymore.
    3. oh no D: So I won't get a tan El?

      But why would they stop it :/ The Tan El was amazing in my opinion....
    4. Oh I here that its just hard to tan, then with the resin.

      Oh thank you! I didn't check back that far, sorry. :sweat
    5. No problem, I just remember it because I wanted a tan doll from them, back then ^^
    6. I've looked into it and I've heard they're just discontinuing it til summer....
      But I do agree,maybe it was getting too costly? or something for them but it's not like the tan El was the same price as the regular El so....

      In a sense I don't understand money wise ^^; eh heh...
    7. that's too bad . I guess it was costing too much to tan them and not enough people wanted them
    8. You guys have got to start watching the Fairyland site. Luts is discontinuing Delfs and minifees, which apparently will be sold now by Fairyland, who were the designers for those lines, and CP the producers. Luts was a distributor for them. Luts own lines are the kid delfs and the senior delfs. That's also why Luts isn't selling more of the type 3 bodies, either.

      The board has been full of talk about the rearrangement of things among the companies, and their relationships, for months!
    9. theyre discontinuing delfs?? i cant find a thread on this anywhere *_*
    10. while it hasnt happened yet....I'm willing to bet it will happen later on this year. (I hope so as I one day want a tanned delf)
    11. its going to be kind of strange that they stock 'senior delf' an 'kid delf' but not any delf XD maybe they should have a differant name for their own line : o

      anyways its all speculation XD
    12. I have only heard that the MiniFees are going to be sold at Fairyland, not the delfs...hmmm...well I may have missed out on a tanning girl, but I DARN sure wasn't going to risk never owning a CP Delf Lishe! Thank goodness I ordered that darling girl!!!!
    13. Well,the senior and kid delfs were made by LUTS I've heard. It's their own dolls. While Delfs and mini fees belong to the other company
      A different name would be appropriate ^^;