[luts] do baby delf clothes fit on kid delfs?

Oct 13, 2016

    1. considering both are 41 cm with their heads would the clothes fit? please tell me if you've tried this, im planning to get a set thats sold out for kdf but comes in a multitude of colors for the bdfs.:roll: i checked the restock requests on the kdf set i wanted, the last post was in june 2016. they said they have a material problem, and dont know if it will be supplied again but they can still make the bdf ones??:| anyways, if anyone has a luts account will you please request the kdf sweety rabbit set to be restocked? thank you <3 <3:) feel free to ask this question in the luts faq as well i dont have an account so i am unable to do so.
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    2. Given how much slimmer Kid Delfs are compared to Baby Delfs, i would have thought the Baby Delf clothes would be to loose and baggy on the Kid Delf body.

    3. @Izumi_Himuro ;-; oh that's great tysm <3 do you have any kdf boys? do you think it will fit on them with the slim multi type body? and normal boy body?
    4. no i just have the girl. Slim line would be a tiny bit too big i guess the normal boy body should be find with the BD clothing,
    5. @Izumi_Himuro ah ty T-T im getting the multi body for pose-ability tho... i just hope its not too big btw is dress color the cream or pink one in the photo? i cant choose between the two ;-;
    6. cream one ^_^ It's cuter than the KDF one *lol* that's why i just had to buy it.
    7. @Izumi_Himuro oh no i ment the diffrence between the bdf ones
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    8. ah kk, i just have this one, i saw the KDF version and i really like mine much more (i guess the pink-one is more like a very very light pink)
    9. i was comparing the two and the cream one blends in with the apron so well and the pink one stuck out more and it didn't feel very coherent like the cream one did but this is all based on pictures so the pink might be lighter irl #the struggle is real
    10. ya pictures can be diff. i know ^_^ you will do that. And you will love the outfit.
    11. im just gonna buy both so they can be matchy matchy that is after i collect enough mons T_T
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